Summer Pug Perspective

Summer Pug Perspective

by Todd Wyant

I’m always torn between the confines of the home of the heart and home of my actual physical being, Pittsburgh,PA and Rochester, NY, respectively. Given the past NHL season and the two teams (Pittsburgh, Buffalo) I would have any remote interest in following making quick exits in the playoffs, I was looking forward to a relatively peaceful summer. When you consider a weak free agency group and a draft that left a lot of us wondering what was going on when players scouted by the CSB were all over the map as far as which round they were chosen, and by whom they were chosen. Frankly, I was just taking a nice social media break and looking forward to the Women’s World Cup (Fact: my love of soccer actually originated in Pittsburgh,PA). I figured I would take a few moments to ponder some observations and conversations that I’ve had since the end of the 2010-2011 NHL season.

“The Boston Bruins and their wonderful bar tab”

– Yeah, I’m sure no one expected a bunch of grown men that make above average salaries in this world, that just won the most difficult prize in professional sports to sit back to a few games of Jarts in Tim Thomas’ backyard. It is worth mentioning that whoever ordered the Blue Moon has the potential to be my favorite player just for beer taste alone.

“The Philadelphia Flyers”

Who drops their #1 and #2 players for an average return? Paul Holmgren does. I haven’t had heartier laughs since the hey day of Richard Pryor. This is going to be such an interesting show when you add in Jagr, Talbot drama and a trap goalie who was exposed by the Detroit Red Wings in the playoffs. Ahh, Pennsylvania, you always have something fantastic to offer for my entertainment dollar, never change.

“The Pens draft more defensemen”

Twitter was on fire during the draft, such rage for drafting defensemen when clearly “a wing was sorely needed”.

“Build through the middle of the ice from Center to Goal” – it’s fair to say this is a known building quantum for the Penguins. Shero has stockpiled defense since he’s been in town and dealt components to deal with needs as they arose. This draft was nothing unexpected, at least in my eyes. On a side note, Dominik Uher, is probably the Czech forward that we should have been talking about instead of that “other guy”.


If you seriously thought that there was a hope that Jagr was coming to Pittsburgh on a 1 year/$2 million salary when higher offers were out there, then you seriously never looked at the details of how he left Pittsburgh to begin with. Allow me to refresh you in a rather simplistic way: Take 1 ownership group that didn’t have money to begin with, add 1 ego maniacal Czech Forward that KNEW ownership couldn’t meet his demands of $11 million a year = Kris Beech, Ross Lupaschuk, Michal Sivek and future considerations.

Seriously though the talk about removing Jagr from the Ring of Honor was absolutely dumb. Jagr will always be part of Pens history. He’s a Flyer now and he’ll be treated accordingly. (I think Scott Hartnell just let out a sigh of relief)

“According to Brian Metzer the Prospect camp went well”

I am fine with his assessments since we haven’t chatted at length recently. I am still waiting for him to bust out a rendition of “Jessie’s Girl” at any point in time. I thought we had him on Trib-Live Radio….

“Terry Pegula has committed himself to spending serious money”

I REALLY, REALLY like the change of attitude happening in Western NY right now but a decade of

Christian Ehrhoff for $40 Million makes me a tad nauseous, when you consider his 2 best years were played in the offensively friendly Vancouver system. When you tack in all of the “CBA Violation arguments for that contract” …’s not pretty but I’ll hope for the best in the end.

“Steve MacIntyre”

I am going to paraphrase a conversation with my cohort Mr. Blevins. While the world had tons of jokes about his skating or having less offensive talent than Eric Godard (which admittedly, I chuckled at). It’s a great deal when you consider his contract is a 2 way deal so he doesn’t have to sit around until he is needed, unlike Godard’s contract. Shero can use him as needed and he can keep playing as the season goes on. Frankly, Blevins said it best….. “no one wants a part of this psychopath” (Trevor Gillies, I’m looking at you).

Steve Sullivan signing…. I know, I just really haven’t let it sink in yet but I’m fine with the signing.

Moving forward, I’m always free for a good hockey chat and shenanigans. Feel free to drop in on the Twitter (Warning: sometimes rather coarse humored….ok ALL THE TIME) or if you are a trendy hipster, I can be found on Google+ but you’ll have to work for that address.

I have about another month before the start of the Premier League (GO MAN U)

It’s time to go back to enjoying summer….. go on, get out of here already!