Just in case you forgot

Ok, OK, OK…it’s Summer, off season and some of us have just taken in the time to recuperate for the upcoming Penguins/Hockey season.

So this weekend Ray Shero has signed Arron Asham to a 1 year / $700k deal.  Personally, I find it a fabulous signing but that’s just what I find entertaining in hockey. Think about it Cooke/Talbot/Asham line? Pure comedy gold just watching other forwards get frustrated….but maybe that’s just me (it’s not *wink*).

I would have thought my Twitter feed exploded as I was digging through literal mountains of CD’s at the House of Guitars for Metzer (walked out with Soulfly, Mr Bungle and The Beatles’ White Album). Some serious hate and bitterness for the Asham signing because he was a Flyer?

Just in case  you were born after 1992:

Research the name Rick Tocchet or Kjell Samuelsson

Just don’t lay any bets on expected results…..


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  1. I am actually more concerned about which Bungle CD you walked out with.

  2. Max was so much better in Sepultura..

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    @Ogre – Sepultura has gone way downhill…

    @AJ- California – I am a complete Mike Patton devotee…

  4. @Pug – good choice, His stuff as Peeping Tom and Mondo Cane is unbelievable as well. Saw Bungle live in 91 in Cleveland (with full masks and all) One of the greatest concerts EVER

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    All of my CDs that I bought were actual replacements from the abuse that I put my stuff through sometimes….I’m a huge fan of the Mondo Cane stuff, it’s actually queued in my iPod for my trip to the gym today

  6. i was mostly shocked at the signing. then i hated it. and then i really thought about it and came up with two things:
    – all things being equal(him not being a Flyer, because i really hated him as a Flyer), he’ll fit in(See also: Rupp, Mike)
    – like you said, Pug, a line with any combo of him, Rupp, Talbot, Cooke, etc could be truly exciting. not from a creative point of view, but an ass kicking point of view.

  7. Lets just hope we dont end up trying to find out if we have one of the best PK units in the league however…. Great physical lines like that sometimes have the propensity to get a touch carried away and give up more than they should.

    Lets hope Bylsma can keep them in check and keep 5 skaters on the ice.

  8. OneSmugPug

    There was a dialogue that brought out some serious old school names on the FTP Facebook page today….VERY educational just looking back at Flyers who went on to become Penguins….

  9. TheFandangler

    Patton sucks. He’s a smug overrated turd and his willingness to say he’s not influenced by Frank Zappa (which a lot of his garbage is half ass attempts at stuff Zappa did 20+ years before him) makes him an even bigger waste. Sorry for the rant, it’s all opinion.

  10. OneSmugPug

    Opinions are welcome here, FD….and there’s plenty of room for all music, since it all is influenced by someone somewhere all the time. Actually, since my taste cycles quite a bit…I am currently into a Swedish Viking Metal as I type this….

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