Around the NHL 10/10/10

The look of the nearest cat after Scott Gomez scored….

I’d recap it but I would rather keep the contents of my stomach off my monitor

Sweet, sweet gear worn by Jonathan Quick

Kings win in SO in Vancouver

The pic says it all….

On top of the horror known as Game #2 at the CONSOL Energy Center,  my #1 Goalie on my fantasy team had a rough evening while giving up a Hat Trick  to a rookie in his first game for the fourth time in NHL history

Then there’s this guy

Jordan Leopold scoring a PPG…it was a bit of extra hurt considering it was his second of the night.

also annoying fact, Erik Christensen scored for the Rangers in the same game…

I’d love to rant about Toronto winning in huge fashion over Ottawa but I will just focus on the worst +/- leader of the night

Whatever it takes to get through the nausea today…anything it takes

There may have been other games and at least the Pens weren’t the only ones suffering last night

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention THIS

Steve Downie has more points in 1 game than Crosby does in 2…

Wait, I meant Stamkos had a 5 point night…

Time to go hit up Tim Horton’s and forget about last night.. Devils up next on Monday

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  1. Francine Boudreau

    Don’t know what to say except that I hope they get back on track, fast. What is it? Is it the new team, getting used to new players….what? what? what? Has Sid lost hi mojo? Geez….was painful to watch.

  2. Gunner STaal

    I thought they played pretty good. Fleury had a brain fart and there wasnt enough time left to recover. Im not discouraged about their overall game play. The troubling issue so far is the Penguins are not finishing some chances that are very reasonable.

    Malkin looked very good and was working hard, Crosby is working hard as well, he just needs Kunitz and Dupuis to support him better.

    2 games in being 0-2 is not where you want to be, but IMO it could be worse if they were playing like complete garbage, they arent. If this trend lasts 10 games I will start to be concerned.

  3. OneSmugPug

    Be careful, GS…. The “Yinzer Contingent” is in FULL effect today… Somehow I imagine that Fleury will be done up like William Wallace before the day is out….

  4. Gunner STaal

    First goal is something all goalies do, which is cheat to the wrap around side when a guy is going around the net, especially when you have defensive support on the guy going around the net. Kennedy didnt mark up Cammalerri and you get that goal. Second goal is a deflection play happens all the time in the NHL. Third goal is pathetic and totally on MAF.

    Im not a MAF apologist but I do know how to objectively break down why goals happen.

    I screw around playing goalie from time to time and have actually done a good job of playing the part to the point where I dress in net sometimes against my HS team I coach and usually outplay the backup.

    Point being I know there is no worse feeling than having a player with speed behind your net and options to pop out either way. You have to trust your defensemen will take the strong side because he wont be able to reach the weak side as the net will provide a “pick” for the offensive player. Plekanec made a nice pass to beat the strong side defender and then there was a further breakdown by Kennedy not picking up his man he was back checking.

  5. Everyone will be on MAF’s case for the last goal, yes he should have had it, but Letang should not have let Gomez around the corner so easily and I think that may have been why MAF was fooled by the shot so easily (still should not have gone in).

  6. Gunner Staal

    I gotta disagree Walshy, the last one is completely on MAF, Letang had him forced wide and the shot came from a terrible angle. Really no excuse to go 5 hole from there.

  7. hmmm,

    fair enough then. It was a soft goal, no trying to argue that point in the slightest.

    Am glad to see that he is not starting in the Devs game though. Dont give him starts if he is going to let in goals like that. Punish him for a performance. We have BJ, use him.

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