Bruins/Panthers 9/23/10

At the request of @Sarah_Connors (of late yesterday afternoon, I found myself going to see the Florida Panthers vs the Boston Bruins last night. To set this accordingly, I am no stranger to the Rochester, NY economy. NHL prices just really don’t fly here. The cheap seats were $30, which are normally $13-$14 for the Rochester Americans home games. I had no vested interest in seeing either Boston or Florida play at all.  Yet, a situation of being able to help a group out that just couldn’t get to the game for one reason or another, intrigued me.

Factors to go:

1. Still upset that the Pens first game in CEC had no TV coverage

2. It’s an NHL game (the last one I actually saw in this building featured Alex Ovechkin)

3. I am dying without hockey

4. If we all did random nice things for people, the world would be a better place in general

So I rushed around after work, skipped my trip to the gym, and actually found decent parking around Blue Cross Arena (one of the major streets in Rochester is currently under construction) just in time to watch the pre-game skate and shoot a few emails out to get the Cover It Live app setup on my iPhone. Everything went really smooth and I managed upload a few pics to the Bruins fans that had logged into the chat room.

Respectfully, I had requested that we don’t discuss “certain” topics when Marc Savard came up into conversation. It was dropped on the spot and was never revisited for the rest of the evening. The topic only came up because David Booth was a monster last night, scoring 2 goals. Ironically, former Bruin Dennis Wideman would get the eventual game winner in this 3-2 Florida Panthers win.

Last night was more about hockey fans just finding a common ground and making the most of it. I had to laugh when I learned of the “Chara is HUGE” drinking game……

(Some of us even admitted that the “friendliness” might disappear at some point once the games actually matter)

From a hockey perspective, I happened to witness the often mocked Florida Panthers playing for respect. The final score was 3 -2, but FLA dominated most of the evening by staying after that puck. They managed to get many pucks in front of Nolan Schaefer, who played as well as expected. The real surprise of the evening was the play of Tyler Plante in the 3rd Period, when Boston just kept getting odd man rushes and great set-ups for easy tap in goals.

Allow me to find my quotes:


B’s just got robbed by Tyler Plante, Plante needs to retire now…it’s never getting that good again..

OneSmugPug: Tyler Plante just pulled Dominik Hasek out of his @$$

Seriously, for all of the jobbing I did of Tyler Plante last year….that was one hefty turd sandwich left on my plate last night. I hope he can keep that kind of composure when Markstrom comes into Rochester this season.

It was a fun night all around, the game was entertaining, the B’s fans were pretty decent and most interestingly, I got to meet Ted Nolan….I froze like a star struck groupie…..

I will make an effort to get some of the photos and video up on the Facebook page later today

I can’t lie, something about live blogging from the game was pretty cool to me…. Now if Apple could give me better battery life on the iPhone….

Thank the maker….Hockey’s back!


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  1. Gunner Staal

    I too was at the game, I enjoyed myself very much. I only paid $15 for my ticket through the ESL bank promotion.

    I also left the game thinking how could anybody possibly be a Panthers fan? Outside of Booth they might be the dullest team in the league. I would hope they were outplaying the Bruins B/C squad, they iced their legit NHL lineup!

  2. Profile photo of OneSmugPug

    GS, I was actually surprised at some of the fans there. The knowledge of Florida was surprisingly deep. When the Bruins started getting all of those breaks late in the third….I thought the B’s were going to pull it off.

  3. Gunner Staal

    Well Florida as you know is the parent club of Rochester, some of the otherwise unknown NHL players like Frolik, Peters, McArdle and Plante played here and are known by the people here. I bet Rochester and some people in Miami are the only ones who actually know who these people are.

    To your point about the Bruins, yeah they probably deserved to tie the game up, especially the slick backhand pass Ryder made across the crease back door that Plante made a great save on.

    I really believe that Florida should relocate to Quebec City, Phoenix to Winnipeg, Atlanta to Kansas City (or another western city) and Columbus would move East. Detroit would love to move East but we know that will never happen. The two teams moving back to Canada should shut the people up in Canada for a while.

  4. Sarah Connors watch out the Terminator is after you !!!! : )

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