Concussion Could Shelve Savard for Season…

The Bruins forward is still exhibiting serious concussion symptoms and with the B’s only having 17 games remaining on the schedule he could miss them all.

I had run out of things to say about the Matt Cooke/Marc Savard head shot, but figured that I would weigh in again now that it appears that Savard is likely to miss the rest of the season. The Bruins forward is still exhibiting serious concussion symptoms and with the B’s only having 17 games remaining on the schedule, he could miss them all.

There has been no official word to that extent, but when you do the math, it is tough to see how he can get back.

The Boston Herald caught up with Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli, who told them:

“That could be. There are only (17) games (remaining in the regular season). You look at the time he was unconscious on the ice and some of the symptoms he’s exhibiting now, this is a serious concussion.”

The interesting thing about this scenario is that the league has yet to make a determination on Matt Cooke. I realize that there have been GM meetings going on all week and that the Penguins do not play until tomorrow evening, however Colin Campbell usually swings his hammer of justice a bit more swiftly. I would assume that this long deliberation is in hopes of getting this “right.” Campbell does not want to set himself up for double standard talk and very well may be waiting to roll out news of a rule implementation plan with word of disciplinary action against Cooke.

The news gets even worse for Boston, who is clinging to the final playoff spot in the East, three points ahead of the New York Rangers, when combined with the fact that Zdeno Chara is now out with a lower body injury. The B’s defenseman missed last night’s game against Toronto.

“Hopefully we get him back the next game,’’ head coach Claude Julien said to the Boston Globe.

According to news reports out of Boston, Peter Chiarelli spoke with Colin Campbell who informed him that the hit would be reviewed further yesterday with a decision to follow before the Penguins next game on Thursday evening.

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  1. My sentiments exactly. I’m curious and anxious to see what happens. I want them to start cracking down on this crap — and I’d rather it NOT start with one of our men but… if they have to, they have to. I try not to be a homer. That hit was rough.

  2. From Kevin Allen’s Twitter…


    GM Peter Chiarelli updating on Marc Savard: “..he’s sensitive to light, sleeping, throbbing headaches.” These are not good signs.

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