FTP Playoff Chat – Tonight at 10:00pm

FTP Playoff chat… tonight at 10:00pm…

I know that you are all getting fired up for the playoffs and want as much coverage as you can sink your teeth into. I will be hosting a live chat via Cover-it-live here at FTP at 10:00pm this evening to discuss the Pens/Sens series and whatever else you guys can come up with.

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Hope to see you all here later tonight…


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  1. 12 high noon, Will I be able to join in the chat Mr Metz you media Mastodon…..

  2. Metz–of course you schedule this during my playoff game. I’ll be busy shutting down some team with my glove. Hope to be available for the next.

    LET’S GO PENS!!!

  3. @Heath I threw this together last minute because I needed a dry run for something bigger that will happen tomorrow and Friday… will keep you posted! Sorry that it will occur during your game, but we will definitely have another for you to hop into!

    @Walshy Most definitely sir!! Most definitely!

  4. Ian Edward

    hey there, metz… what do you think about poni… can he play himself into a pen’s contract next season with some offensive contribution? also, can he play himself into a pen’s contract next season by being weak, and getting a fedotenko type deal? i guess what im asking is, will trading away Caputi (i really think will be a solid NHL top 6 forward) lead to any kind of benefit?

  5. @Walshy, how did we lose you?

  6. I should have stayed home and joined the chat….not my strongest effort. Knocked out of playoffs. Ouch.

  7. Evilpens

    Atlanta Thrashers Fired Coaching staff, Named Waddell that Moron President & Named Rick Dudley GM, Good God Does Waddell got Pics of his Bosses Having sex with Animals or what ?

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