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That is pretty much the feeling on this end. How about you guys? Hopefully you all made it through a rather debaucherous weekend here in Pittsburgh, or wherever you might hail from. Luckily I was able to avoid much of the craziness by treating the big St. Paddy’s Day Parade weekend as if it were just a regular old Saturday…got some chores done, managed a hair cut and best of all…slept in.

That doesn’t make today any easier to deal with, especially adding in the fact that the time SPRUNG forward. However, one there is one thing that might make you day a little easier to manage. Your morning Penguins links!

Let’s go…

First off we head to our friends over at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Dave Molinari gives us his take on yesterday’s game action, the awkward Downie/Crosby tumble and Geno Malkin’s injury… the severity of which is still unknown.

Molinari’s Game Recap

Here is a look at the game from behind enemy lines. Damian Cristodero, of the St. Petersburg Times, gives us his game recap and thoughts on the Crosby/Downie situation. The article also contains an amazing picture of the incident…how on earth is Sid’s knee in one piece? I guess this is one moment that shows why his being such a physical specimen is a great thing!

Cristodero’s take

Rob Rossi of the Tribune Review hits us with some notes…bringing comments from Dan Bylsma on his team’s depth, MikeYeo’s first trip back to Tampa Bay after an earlier health scare this season, Pascal Dupuis’s scoring tough and more…

Rossi’s Notes

Eric Duhatschek, of the Globe and Mail, wonders if it best for the Penguins to just scratch Matt Cooke on Thursday night when they head into Boston. Duhatschek speculates that it could be the best way to avoid a Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore situation. He also hits us with some additional NHL news and notes…

Duhatschek: Sit Cooke?

Damien Cox takes a look at how the league, players association and competition committee may be trying to rush their new head shot rules through the approval process. They are trying to answer the public outcry by getting it implemented sooner than originally thought…

Damien Cox

It is interesting to see the varying opinions on the Alex Ovechkin hit on Brian Campbell yesterday afternoon, especially in the wake of the Matt Cooke situation. This piece from the Toronto Sun pretty much says that there will be no further discipline levied on the Great 8…what is your opinion?

Ovechkin Not Expected to be Suspended

Randy Turner, of the Winnipeg Free Press, pens this interesting piece on the popularity – or lack there of – the National Hockey League in the United States. You may not agree with his take, but I had to post it for it’s comparison of the NHL to a 30 years dead Elvis Presley!

Can Anything Save the NHL in America?

More later…


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  1. Walshy

    March 15, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    to be honest looking at that pic of Sid from that angle I was more worried about him hyper extending his back and pulling something there. Just from that angle. Sid’s foot isnt flat on the ice so the pressure must have come from somewhere else, not the usual twisting motion from someone falling across like Downie did there…..