Saturday Moring Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his Saturday Morning Coffee!

By Jim Butler

Why didn’t somebody tell me polyester bellbottoms were no longer in!

Who’s more underrated Yandle or Edler? Who cares, give me both.

Brad May said if Alex Burrows did to him what he did to Marc Staal he would have taken a 2, a 5 and a 10! I think I agree with May.

Ex-NHL player Marc Chouinard got calf implants and never played again, I can’t make this up folks.

HNIC radio on Sirius 3-6 pm is a must for the NHL fan.

Pitchers and catchers report in a month for MLB except for the Phillies, aces and catchers report for the Phillies.

Chris Stewart is back and as BizNasty would say, “BOOM” off go the Avs.

People argue the tough guys are in the NHL to police the game, well they seem to be the only ones committing the crimes.

Is the groin injury the new black in the NHL, I don’t remember this many groin injuries in the NHL ever.

I was at the Flyers/Sabres game Tuesday night, the Sabres are horrible. It didn’t even look like the Flyers were trying.

Speaking of the Flyers, they beat the Thrashers 5-2 in Atlanta Friday night and all 8 Thrashers fans went home unhappy.

Dion Phaneuf has a shooting percentage of 1.7%!! Even a bag of milk is 2%.

Kings and Sharks what a mess, I guess California really is sliding in to the ocean.

4 layer homemade nachos for the Flyer game on Friday night — see below in all their greatness!!

Grant Clitsome… That’s an interesting handle right there. (ed’s note: I thought the same thing and was shouting out “Handsome Clitsome” all night when I saw his name scroll on the NHL Network. – Metz)

Ehrhoff makes $600,000 a year more than Wallin, the Sharks may want to re-think that.

Have a great weekend hooligans.