Saturday Morning Coffee With Jim Butler

Jim Butler brings you another dose of his Saturday Morning Coffee…

By Jim Butler

If Hiller comes back 100% I have feeling the Ducks are going to go on a run.

The Sharks are back and kicking ass, Niemi showing he might be a hell of a goalie after all.

Why is everybody talking about angry birds all of a sudden, I thought they were always angry!

Super Bowl halftime show….a bit odd but 1000 glowing people doing the running man at the same time is cool in my book.

Speaking of half time shows, Fergie is no Axl Rose but if you’ve seen Axl lately then well I have no clue, he’s starting to look like Ronald McDonald with dreads.

Hockey Day in Canada this Saturday, how do I spend the day? Well thanks for asking. Ice is rented at the Kitchener Aud for an adults and kids fun game and then back to a friend’s for chili, beer and hockey!! Good times and a stellar day.

All that scratchin is making me itch!

Congrats to Mr. Carrie Underwood, high price to pay but I think he’ll really help. Preds have never won a playoff round; they have a hell of a shot now.

The Ducks/Leafs trade — I think that’s a win/win all the way, assuming Lupul reverts to a 25 goal winger and the young prospect Gardner becomes an NHL d-man.

I’m not 100% but I might be the Pens third line center right now, holy smokes what a rash of injuries.

Are tasty Cakes good, how could they not be? I want one. And by one I mean a box.

Am I ever glad I don’t have to watch Ryan Hollweg in the NHL anymore.

A 3OH3! And Ke$ha duet……………………..please somebody send Matt Cooke after them.

Will the real Jimmy Howard please stand up!

Speaking of goalies the Caps have 3 very good young goalies, sounds like a great bargaining chip to me!

Forsberg is back, time will tell but what an addition he might be.

Have a great weekend hooligans