Saturday Morning Coffee With Jim Butler

By Jim Butler

Congrats Rod Brind’amour pure class and one hell of a hockey player! Great job by the Canes, very classy ceremony.

I’m thinking the kaberle trade is a good trade for both teams.

I don’t like the Bruins/Thrashers trade for the Thrash, Peverly will really add a ton to the Bruins. Never been a big fan of Wheeler.

Why do I have a feeling Brett Favre is going to jump out of a giant egg next NFL season and scream “I’m back!”

Jerky Ruutu is only worth a 6th? I woulda thought they could have gotten more for him

Where are the Scranton Wilkes/Barre Pens finding players now?

Where are the Manitoba Moose finding D-man now?

Grabner, I guess 3rd team is a charm!

Zherdev, I guess 3rd team isn’t a charm.

Jamie Langenbrunner has played in 47 games this year; he’s been on the losing end of 40 of them! Hat tip to John Saquella for that!

Are the Stars really going to fall out of playoff contention? Brad Richards pack your bags.

I’m starting to wonder about the LA Kings, they’ve always been close with these great prospects but when are all these great prospects going to take the next step.

Travis Hamonic is going to be a beauty, very odd to say this but Islanders might have something going.

Some say plus minus isn’t a solid stat, Nicklas Lidstrom is +432 in his career and he says it is, nuff said.

I wonder if Joffrey Lupul’s favorite player as a kid was Mike Sillinger.

Has there ever been another Lupul or is he the only Palindrome NHL player?

(Ed’s note: Yep… at least one that I know of: Gary Lupul! Famous for getting his clock cleaned by Mario Lemieux)

I can’t watch Bruins games because of Jack Edwards, too bad they seem like a fun team to watch.

Have a great weekend hooligans!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee With Jim Butler

  1. You say that about Edwards….

    I feel the same way about Steigy here with Pitt, he needs to realize there are 2, that’s right 2, teams on the ice.

    One positive of #87 being injured is he has noticed other players on the ice, even if he doesn’t give them the credit they deserve if they don’t have a Penguin on their crest.

  2. good call about Steigy, he gives mad props to Sid and he deserves every one he gets but each team has 18 skaters and 2 goalies.

    I just think it makes for a more enjoyable game with out such biased play by play.

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