Saturday Morning Coffee With Jim Butler…

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his world famous Saturday Morning Coffee…

(Sorry I am late on getting this up this morning/afternoon guys… enjoy! – Metz)

By Jim Butler

Matt Cooke with the “A”…………………..I’m not touching that.

How humbling must it be to pass through waivers and re-entry waivers?

Stillman and Cole need to sign lifetime contracts with the Hurricanes, they always return.

The Leafs are doing their usual late season rush up the standings, the Bruins must be pissed.

If I could grow a giant afro I would.

I’d rather turn my back on Matt Cooke in the corner then watch American Idol.

Claude Giroux isn’t becoming a star, he is one, watch out NHL!!

I’ve said this before but watch out for Islanders, if they get good goaltending next year they’re a playoff team, you can mark that down.

Speaking of the Islanders……………..Travis Hamonic……………..BOOM, the kid is the real deal.

Welcome back Ray Emery, holy smokes. From the practice rink with Lindros shooting on him to the NHL in 4 quick weeks!

The Staal’s are dropping like flies, that’s some bad luck.

Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra reality show! Sign me up!

Jimmy Howard you better step it up NOW!

Just finished reading Keith Richards book “Life” It’s a must!

Mike Green you’re having a jinxed season, get your hair cut and press restart.

Matt Calvert, look at you, snipers going snipe.

Nice little run by the Devils but it’s time to settle into April golf mode.

San Jose Sharks are different this year, something is going on there. They are mean now, I like it.

Not really digging the Caps, get back to run and gun!

Have a great weekend hooligans…



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  1. scpensfan

    Is that about Commodore? the waivers/re-entry waivers bit

  2. coffee hount

    Mighty Mario whines about dirty hockey.
    Mighty Mario’s team gives Cooke the “A”.
    Mighty Mario taken seriously-me thinks not!

  3. great takes butsy…

    like it or not, matt cooke means a lot to this team…he plays quality minutes on the PK and 2nd line some nights…and if he was released today, he’d be signed by at least 20 other teams…remember, dale hunter was a captain…

    and btw, what cooke did was wrong…but if you don’t see the difference between what he did, and what mario was concerned about regarding the islander game, you just don’t get it…

  4. I didn’t comment on Cooke because I see both sides of his value and why people hate him.

    Commodore and Souray about the waivers, still get paid the big bucks but it’s gotta be tough mentally that nobody wants you even at half price.

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