Saturday Morning Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his Saturday Morning Coffee…

By Jim Butler

The Canucks sure look like the favorite to win the Cup right now, the Martian Twins and Kesler are all beasts this season.

Interesting stat from TSN – before Thursday night’s game, Shane Doan had played more NHL games than all 12 Edmonton forwards combined.

The Flyers refuse to play more than 30 minutes a game, not a good month long trend.

What the hell happened to the Avalanche? They have been disgraceful. The Avalanche have won only two games since January 18th.

I saw a blond lady this week that looked like Dikembe Mutombo, it was very odd. If she started wagging her finger at me I was gone.

Nobody can beat the Devils except the Sens, makes no sense to me. I think you will see them falter down the stretch.

The Oilers have called up Teemu Hartikainen, you can never have enough Teemu’s

Can anybody figure the Black Hawks out; I have no clue if they are great or just a borderline playoff team.

Jordan Staal needs a re-start button to this season, he’s even getting high sticked on the bench.

Max Pac might be back in the next couple weeks, Habs fans/media blowing things out of proportion? Really, wow didn’t see that coming!!

Are Kings fans nervous about Jon Quick, he wore down late last season?

And the parade was canceled again in Toronto. I believe that’s 72 parades planned and 72 canceled and counting this season.

Love the NHL St. Patrick’s Day commercial with all the Irish names like O’Donnell, O’Byrne, O’Reilly and finally Ovechkin!

The NHL powers that be need to admit that Phoenix was a swing and a miss, it happens… move on.

Joe Pavelski is a man on a mission for the Sharks right now, the man is playing fantastic hockey.

Speaking of the Sharks, Dany Heatley that was simply a stupid play, you deserved 2 games and made yourself look like an idiot.

My 7 year old explained to me in full detail this week what a Tsunami is, when I was 7 I couldn’t even match my socks.

I have a feeling somebody is going to go out of the way to smash PK Subban.

New Metallica is coming out I hear, I hope its old school like Ride The Lightning instead of the Bon Jovi-ish tunes they released in the recent past.

Is John Carlson’s play making Mike Green available this summer?

Have a great weekend hooligans…


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  1. The picture of Subban couldn’t be more perfect. I think Vinny L wanted to chop him in half.

  2. My thoughts exactly Buts… he is really asking for it. Did you see him wait until the linesmen stepped between he and the Ranger (can’t remember who) and then drop his gloves like he was ready to go. Really asking for a licking…

    B Metz

  3. tangent_man

    Bettman will do everything in his power (and then some) to prove to the world he was right about Phoenix being a hockey hotbed.

    Stubborn as a mule, and almost as smart.

  4. tangent_man

    Metz – I think it was Staal. The linesmen should have let them go. They were, unfortunately, doing their best Kevin Collins impressions.

  5. Gin/Juice fan

    Blond Dikembe is freaky stuff!

    If Winnepeg gets the Coyotes they will get a pretty good team.
    They beat the Nucks with the help of the zebras last night.

    @ Bmetzer: Did you hear Pierre Maguire “Subban is ready to fight, he’s not afraid of anyone”, all the while PK was behind the linesman. I think it was Sauer who wanted to kill him that night.

  6. tangent_man

    It was Sauer, now that I think about it. Thanks G/J.

  7. OneSmugPug

    1. Blonde Dikembe is my chick on the side.

    2. When ISN’T Subban asking for it? Perhaps, begging is a better term.

    3. Lecavalier fell for his antics and STILL gave him a 2 handed whack, interesting since he’s really not known for such behavior. Just a dumb choice for a veteran player of his caliber.

    4. Metallica turned into Metallisuck on September 27, 1986…but somehow I still buy the cd’s in hopes if them getting better. It’s almost like I’ve been a Panthers fan since 1996.

  8. I was snapping last night, Subban jumps behind the refs and then pretends he wants to fight, makes me insane.

    I have no issues with confident players and people showing some feisty play etc but there comes a time when you have to pay the piper.

  9. PixoteAndolini

    Awww, nobody ‘gets’ poor PK.

    Thanks for the coffee Buts!

  10. LOVE that picture of PK, he is a snappy dresser I will say that for the kid.

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