Saturday Morning Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another steaming edition of his Saturday Morning Coffee!

By Jim Butler

I hope the Avs don’t end up hiring Patrick Roy to be the next coach, why is that in my mind?

Craig Anderson………………take the money and run.

Is it wrong that I think “fruit bat” every time I see Tyler Kennedy!

Really early for this obviously but if Getzlaf can stay healthy he will get 100 points next year.

Wade Belak is officially retired, I always liked that guy. He is a funny bastard. He is in the process of becoming a fireman in the Nashville area, best of luck to a great guy.

I hear Bobby Holik from time to time on HNIC radio with Jeff Marek. I HATED Holik as a player but love his honesty now, very refreshing.

The Phillies have 99 problems but a pitch ain’t one!

Speaking of Bobby Holik, he says he loved what Mark Recchi said and agreed with his comments 100%.

I miss sports names like Oil Can Boyd; we need more names like that.

Joe Pavelski is a monster; I said it a few weeks ago… he’s the guy that makes the Sharks go.

Tim Horton’s roll up the rim count for me is 19 coffees and 1 donut, absurdly lucky.

Kris Versteeg cut your stick for the love of God. It’s 4-6 inches too long.

Scott Gomez is not a monster, simply horrible.

Worst contract in hockey? Gomez, Drury or Redden? Good job Slats.

The Flames like the Devils made a hell of an effort to make the playoffs but will fall short; both teams are in big time cap hell next year.

Not sure what Temmu Selanne eats or how he exercises but I need to get that happening.

Oscar Moller gets a crack at playing with the Kings, what a wiener.

R.I.P. Rick Martin. Hell of a player and a great man off the ice as well.

How long before Rick Nash asks for a trade, I have feeling he’s about had enough.

Can’t help but think how happy the Canucks are they matched the Flyers offer sheet to Kesler, what a player and leader he has become.

Have a great weekend hooligans.


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  1. look at the fruit bat ha ha ha , what in name of God is he wearing.

  2. Stambler

    I know! Great call on the Fruit bat sir!

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