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By Jim Butler

Stamkos has more goals than 6 teams have points, that’s fantastic and disgraceful.

As of Thursday the Islanders haven’t had the lead in a game in 3 weeks!!

Dan Ellis “I got 99 problems but shutting out the Leafs ain’t one”

Isn’t every goalie weak top shelf?

I wonder if Semin is still a Cap by the deadline, pretty sure he’ll be gone this summer.

D.B. Cooper called; he’s wondering if somebody could come pick up Scott Gomez.

It’s only rock and roll but I like it! Seriously can you argue with that? I didn’t think so.

Derek Boogard scored this week; seriously that’s not a typo. Scratched the next game, Torts is a crazy mofo isn’t he.

Rumor making the rounds is Jeff Carter is close to a 10 year $62 million deal, that’s a lot of money but it won’t seem bad after he scores 50 this year.

I don’t think the term “Sexy Beast” gets used enough

I miss the Hartford Whalers, I think at one time or another everybody had them in their top 5 favorite teams list.

13 of 18 Leaf skaters had 8 or less goals last year. Half had 5 or less. Kessel, Versteeg, Kulemin, MacArthur, Grabovski can’t carry an offense by themselves.

I’m betting Brandon Yip is a good putter.

I hear it’s a good thing that I have no clue who Bristol Palin is.

Voracek……………………….if you don’t know stop reading this blog.

Ryan Whitney has 13 points in 15 games as I write this, damn that’s some good point production.

Remembrance Day, Lest we forget! Thank you to the true heroes.


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  1. coffee hount

    I guess those Carter trade rumors have finally been shelved then?

  2. with a contract of that length, they wont be able to trade him if they wanted to!

  3. Nice cap hit for Carter, he obviously wanted to stay in Philly because he could have cashed in for much more on the open market.

  4. coffee hount

    Can see a trend, more and more players taking less to stay where they are.

  5. Exactly, it shows he wanted to stay. Now I’m not saying this will happen, but what if he does become Mr Dissapearing Act, which a few Philly fans have labled on him.

    The length is what makes him hard to move, not the hit.

    I’m intrigued to see how these play out with #87 and #71 when they come around….

    How their contract lengths are worked out and the av cap hit comes about. Or if they can even do it in the next CBA…

  6. I see #71 decided to show up finally, 2 of my hockey pools are happy about that!

  7. One Hatty game is not showing up…. Let’s wait and see if ha can string a few together… He is playing with a knee a brace on. But if you’re in the ice, you’re healthy.

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