Saturday Morning Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his Saturday Morning Coffee!

By Jim Butler

Shawn Horcoff is not a handsome man but the Oilers will miss him.

Chris Neil with his new buzzcut looks like Bob Backlund!

Can the Devils blame the Kovalchuk contract on Bobby Bonilla?

I am in a great keeper pool that started 7 seasons ago, when I inquire about trading for a player everybody asks for Giroux and Letang from me, that tells you something.

I have no clue what Kim Kardashian does but……………………I will leave it at that.

Bobrovsky and Boucher…………Bobby Boucher the Waterboy!

A few months later Price or Halak?

Is it wrong that I still find Juliette Lewis freaky hot, you can bring her home and your Mom won’t like her but I’m thinking your Dad will love her.

Hockey pants– should we call them hockey shorts, sounds weird but really they are shorts aren’t they.

A few off seasons ago the Big 3 were Gomez, Drury and Briere. All 3 got too much money but Briere is doing a hell of job trying to justify his contract. The other two………………….blah.

Is Kaberle going to pull a Sundin and leave the Leafs without a return, it’s possible.

The Habs sure look like a solid hockey club this year, they’re a big bruising top 6 forward away from being a handful but who isn’t.

Olli Jokinen, even Milbury didn’t want you!

Don Cherry is entertaining but wrong about 95% of the time. The game passed him by about 20 years ago.

If Malkin shows up and Staal gets healthy look out, actually look out anyway.

Have a great week end hooligans


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  1. tangent_man

    Gomez was a healthy scratch last night, too. Sheesh.

  2. coffee hount

    Cherry is a bigoted dinosaur. If somebody tells you they like him check out their appearance. They will have small ears low on their head and when the walk their knuckles will face forward. Can you spell anthropoid?

  3. Anytime you can get pictures of Backlund and Kaberle in the same blog it’s a win!

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