Welcome Home

Welcome Home

By Todd Wyant

After a road trip that netted the Pens 5 out of 6 points, the Pens come home to face the newly rebuilt Florida Panthers. It’s about time, not sure I could have faced another retweet from @NHL over this yesterday. It’s just more salt in the wound when you consider that the “elusive hunt” is over for the Pens. It’s a shame to have to admit it, but 82-0 is gone like the ex-wife and your bank account.

Alas, let’s rehash some of the events leading into today:

  1. “Aggressive” Evgeni Malkin – It’s not like we haven’t seen it before and I hate to say it but with the NHL getting more ambiguous about violence and fighting every day, I am expecting more of this throughout the season.
  2. Sarich/Cooke – I love the instances of internet rage over this…love them I want to become addicted to them like heroin. Now, it is what it is, but a headshot it isn’t. Wait a second, the head wasn’t the principle point of contact. Frankly, how many guys have you seen take a direct hit to the head and remain on their feet?
  3. Shootouts – 2 out of 3 games into the season, nice. Perhaps the Pens can figure out how to win in regulation time this year?
  4. Paul Martin Hate – I still don’t understand it….if the logic that James Neal had no legitimate centers to work with last year, I would surmise that the same logic could be applied to all players on the Pens roster, including Paul Martin.
  5. The Panthers are coming in off a 2-0 win over the Islanders. I’ll probably struggle with any respect for the Panthers for a good long time. This is the team that gave away Michael Grabner. This is a team that has coasted after reaching the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals. This is the team that hired Dale Tallon, his history speaks for itself. Am I right, Chicago? That being said the Panthers did run one of my favorite ad campaigns, even if no one really did watch them.

Moving forward, I am looking forward to having Cy join us here at The man can carry a Pens historical perspective like few people can. That’s right, kids…. Pens fans existed BEFORE 2005 unlike many, many blogs. Take it as you will.