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Hey gang…

As many of you know, one of our regulars, Cameron Walsh…affectionately known as Walshy around these parts, was in Pittsburgh since January 18th. The native of Australia came through town to take in a ton of Penguins hockey, try to make some professional contacts and meet Marc Andre Fleury…

Well, I am proud to say that we were able to scratch all of the above off of the list… he hooked up Frank Velasquez, the head training coordinator for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Mike Kadar, the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and last night he met several Penguins including Marc Andre Fleury.

Along the way he managed to get himself in the newspaper, as Kevin Gorman of the Tribune Review wrote a piece about his trip… an assist goes to Rob Rossi on this one. Rob met Walshy last week and knew it was a great story…he followed up and when his schedule didn’t allow him to personally write it, he passed it on to Mr. Gorman. Check it here: Walshy in the Tribune Review

I will have a blog up detailing some of Walshy’s Pittsburgh adventures later today, but I wanted to pass on this message that he left in the comments section of the last blog so that you could all see it. He was very impressed with our city and wanted you all to know that he appreciated your kindness while he was here.

I’m off home today guys! 36hrs in a plane and airports before I get home. All I can say is thank you Pittsburgh as a city they are so friendly, plus thanks for the welcome Powerhouse.

Biggest thank you goes to the B man, Brian Metzer who showed me around town opened a heap of doors for me and well was a great friend on the trip!

See you all on the other side of the world again!

For me, having Walshy here was a wonderful experience. I had talked with him many times via my podcast and in the blog comments…not to mention the many emails we had exchanged throughout the past few years, but it was great to be in the same room with him and get to know he and his partner Kylie. My girlfriend Kara and I had some great times with them…

Walshy is en route to his home in Melbourne, Australia…keep good thoughts for them to have a safe trip. Though his time in the ‘Burgh wasn’t long, I think it is safe to say that after experiencing his beloved game in person… he will be back!

More later…


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