A Pug’s Eye View… Are they in on Armstrong?

The fact that Ray Shero is looking to add a person of such magnitude of Army just screams that GMRS means business when it comes to addressing the needs of this hockey club.

When I left HB back in March, I had hoped to keep things rolling with what I was doing, but at the same time wanted to be able to work with a team of folks that I could trust and have fun with. I have been able to do that over the past couple of months with folks like Ryan Porth, Amber Alexander, Tangentman and of course Walshy.

There were also a handful of folks (some of which are already here) that I always wanted to work with based on the great conversations that I had had with them over the years. All of the the talks about music, movies, and of course hockey over the course of five years at HB helped me build some great friendships and I am finally in a position to work with some of those folks. It is with that in mind that I am thrilled to announce the newest member of the From the Point team… Todd Wyant… or as many of you know him: One Smug Pug. I am not sure how often he will choose to post here, but am glad that he will be doing so. Here is the Pugger’s first piece for From the Point.


By Todd Wyant

I came home from work yesterday and fired up my desktop application for Twitter (I don’t know which one actually, most of them are terrible in one way or another) only to see a report of the Penguins having some interest in Armstrong.  I can’t tell you how excited I got.  This is a huge deal for the Pens and Pittsburgh, if it’s true.

The fact that Ray Shero is looking to add a person of such magnitude of Army just screams that GMRS means business when it comes to addressing the needs of this hockey club.  Honestly, there is no one in the NHL that can move nearly as fast or reach goals in the way that Army can.  This guy is IMMENSELY talented and brings so much, it’s just impossible to quantify. Although, one could say that Army is simply a product of the teammates he has had over the years, he is quite humble enough to admit how important they were to him as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the stats:

–          Flew 78 Missions in Korea for a total of 121 hours

–          Received an Air Medal, a Gold Star, a Korean Service Medal, and an Engagement Star

–          He returned to college AFTER serving in Korea (Eat your heart out Kobe Bryant)

–          Went on to become a test pilot at NACA

–          Selected for Man in Space Soonest Program

–          Command Pilot for the Gemini 8 Program

–          Back up Command Pilot for Gemini 11

–          Back Up Commander of Apollo 8

–          First man to set foot on the Moon as part of the Apollo 11 program

It dawned on me at this point the rumors were suggesting that it was COLBY Armstrong that the Penguins were interested in.  Ugh, darn social media….the beauty of the technology age, information is always available but not always entirely accurate.  There so many rumormongers that take themselves seriously, I’ll stick with the media guys who know how to laugh at themselves. At the end of the day, it’s late June/early July and we are still talking hockey. No matter what the ridiculous rumor is, it’s just fun to talk about. Lord knows that most of us have built our own rosters in a videogame at some point. Dream away, dreamers. Reality doesn’t start setting in until early October then the dreams get altered come early March anyway. Then we find out if the adjustments were correct for the Ultimate Prize in all of sports.

It’s a slow crawl through the summer, and some of you kids are calling for October already. Personally, I look forward to September, training camps and the latest NHL game from EA Sports. There is nothing like that extra 2 weeks of build up leading into the season. In the meantime, some of you stop worrying about who’s coming back and who’s leaving.  Every NHL GM has a plan, and so far, I like Ray Shero’s plan. He may have walked into a decent crop of players, but it’s ultimately still a lot of work to make it competitive every season, and he ‘s done that quite well so far.

As a fan of the Penguins, I am fine with interest in Colby Armstrong, but he PALES in comparison to Neil Armstrong.  If you don’t know who Neil Armstrong is, start with your preferred search engine or perhaps, go to the Library.

***I’m an unapologetic hockey fan who happens to appreciate the Pittsburgh Penguins more than 29 other teams, a fine Pennsylvania boy who was raised in the ‘Burgh. I currently reside in Western NY chattering endlessly about hockey, torturing Sabres fan any chance I get.

Likes- Hockey, Music, Pugs, Pittsburgh, People with Humor, Twitter and casual strolls in the moonlight while mocking the Philadelphia Flyers

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