Crosby ruled out for the weekend…

Sidney Crosby is ruled out for this weekend’s games… thus crushing the hopes of those on #CrosbyWatch.

By Brian Metzer

Depending on your point of view, #CrosbyWatch lives to fight another few days, or it dies with Dan Bylsma’s announcement this afternoon that the Penguins’ captain has been ruled out for this weekend’s games against the Stars and Hurricanes.

“Although we’ve given no timetable or date, I will confirm that Sidney is not playing in the next 2 games,” Bylsma told the gathered media this afternoon. “He had a good week of practice and is progressing, but he won’t be playing this weekend.

Bylsma went on to mention that the situation isn’t taking a cloak and dagger turn – there are no secrets being kept by the team.

“We’re not keeping a secret. When he’s gonna play we’ll make sure we let you know.”

At least the throngs of national media that descended on the city can hang their hats on the fact that their trip wasn’t completely in vain as they could have a front row seat to cover #KennedyWatch.

Tyler Kennedy has been called a “game time decision” for tomorrow and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go based on the fact that he has been practicing for a while now.

Some, such as TSN’s Bob McKenzie, aren’t sharing my optimism about this sudden turn of events, summing it up in the tweet below:

TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie

As per @DarrenDreger, Crosby ruled out of Friday and Saturday games. Will now be a large media rush to airport or the bar. Or maybe both.

And to the bar many of them will go… what the heck else are they are they all going to do while spending the next 24-hours hanging out in our chilly little ‘Burgh… if all goes well, I may even join them.

More later…