Crosby’s thoughts on realignment…

Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby shared his thoughts on realignment following his team’s game with the Boston Bruins this evening.

By Brian Metzer

Though there was a hockey game being played on the ice at the Consol Energy Center this evening, many were already starting to buzz about realignment news that was breaking across the league. We will have some thoughts on the new “conferences” etc, but wanted to quickly share Sidney Crosby’s thoughts on what looks a lot like the old Patrick Division…plus the Hurricanes…

Thoughts on realignment:

“I think that’s pretty much what we’re used to except we’re adding a couple teams. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I think everyone’s probably happy with that. Washington’s a pretty good rival. I don’t see anyone being disappointed about this.”

Thoughts on staying in the same conference with the Flyers:

“Yeah, that’s been our great rivals for a long time, so the fact they can stay in our division is probably good for everyone from the two teams and for their fans, obviously.”

Going back to playoff series versus divisional opponents:

“I think playoffs you don’t really need any extra incentive, but I think if anything, it might add a little more excitement for the fans. They’re more familiar with the teams and the matchups and that kind of thing, but I don’t think as far as rivalries peak, as far as if we’re talking teams we call rivals, I don’t think it can get any bigger than it already is, but I think it’s nice for people to see those matchups.”

On being able to play all teams at home and away:

“It’s nice. I think any player will tell you it’s fun to go to some places you don’t always go to, and we’ll get that opportunity. I think it’s a good thing.”



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    Always interesting to hear what the big boys have to say about things like that… should be interesting moving forward!

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