GVB goes one-on-one with Penguins color commentator Phil Bourque

Our pal George Von Benko goes one-on-one with Penguins’ color commentator Phil Bourque to discuss a variety of issues…

credit: Bobblehead Sports

It has been a while since our pal George Von Benko has flipped us a new one-on-one, but he got to sit down with 2-time Stanley Cup winner and Penguins’ color commentator Phil Bourque yesterday afternoon to discuss a variety of issues and was kind enough to pass it along after it ran on his show this afternoon.

Bourque, as is expected when he shares his opinions, was insightful and entertaining in talking about a variety of topics such as…

  • Sidney Crosby’s imminent return
  • Kris Letang’s recovery, impact and possible return
  • The team’s current 8-game winning streak
  • Concussions
  • How shots to head should be dealt with and how players should be suspended
  • Could new rink structure be a cause of concussions?
  • Modern equipment’s role in causing concussions
  • Are the Penguins prohibitive favorites for the Stanley Cup this Spring?
Overall, another very entertaining one-on-one between a couple of Pittsburgh classics… I hope that you enjoy it… the player is embedded below.

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