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Hear Alexei Ponikarovsky’s Post Game Comments…


I had a chance to catch up with Alexei Ponikarovsky post game. I got the low down on his conditioning after not playing for three weeks and his injury that occurred this afternoon.

Since I have the capability to post these quotes as audio files, I decided to take advantage of it. Personally, I always like being able to listen to a players own words. You get the emotion, you get the tone etc.

Keep in mind while listening that Poni is sitting in his stall with a bloody bandage on his wrist. This fact was completely lost on me, as I asked him about his injury this afternoon. D’oh! At least he will probably remember me for my inability to notice the obvious! You can hear Angela Carducci from Inside Hockey poke a little fun at me about it.

Let me know if you guys like hearing these post game and I will do a lot more of them. Of course because of the size of the files, I will sometimes be splitting them up over multiple posts…

Poni Question 1 Post Game 03072010

Poni Question 2 Post Game 03072010

Some additional thoughts to come on the Cooke hit and the big Penguins win this afternoon at Mellon Arena…


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  1. Lee Kennedy

    March 9, 2010 at 11:50 am

    love hearing the quotes. not being from pittsburgh you miss alot of the post game stuff and get to see the personality of the players. keep it up bud