Jordan Staal Skates with Team…

It seems that injured center Jordan Staal took the ice with his teammates for the first time since having a tendon in his foot lacerated on Friday night.

Sam Kasan just updated the Penguins official site from the Penguins morning skate at the Bell Centre in Montreal and he provided some amazing news. It seems that injured center Jordan Staal took the ice with his teammates for the first time since having a tendon in his foot lacerated on Friday night.

Staal was in a warm-up suit and only skated for about five minutes, but it is still amazing news considering the nature of his injury. Here is the blurb from Kasan’s game day blog.

11:51 AM:
Penguins center Jordan Staal, who was missed his first career game due to injury in Game 2 after having a procedure to repair a lacerated tendon in his foot, skated briefly prior to the team’s morning skate. Staal skated on the ice for about five minutes, an amazing idea considering the nature of his injury.

Definitely great news for the Penguins.

Max Talbot did an admirable job of filling in for Staal on Sunday afternoon, but it is hard for anyone to replace the size, strength and wingspan of Staal. The man is a huge physical specimen.

Stay tuned for more soon…


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  1. Evilpens

    HEY !!!!!!!!!!!! Metz how come I didn’t get a Tip[ of the Hat HUH??HUH??

  2. Did you post it? Sorry about that… I didn’t see it yet. Stuck in “real work” hell thus far today and started getting it from some media cronies on the text message…

    My bad brother!


  3. Thanks to Evilpens for posting the pic on his facebook! I hadn’t seen it until there… loving it!

  4. Walshy

    Great to see him on the ice, I cant believe he is on the ice, like I said, is he human or part cyborg?

    Metzer, the Pitt media call him a pterodactyl, they may be right…. Just one that cant be killed.

    Looked very ginger on it, didnt want to push off on it.

    I may be eating my words, he may indeed be back this playoffs, and be affective, his skating stride will be hampered though, you can tell he wont be able to stride right out until after the season is done.

    Well done Evilpens…

  5. Evilpens

    Staal Practices
    Wednesday, 05.05.2010 / 11:37 AM / 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Coverage
    By Sam Kasan
    MONTREAL, QUEBEC — Penguins center Jordan Staal practiced with his teammates for the first time since suffering an injury in Game 1 of the conference semifinals against the Montreal Canadiens.

    Staal, who missed his first two games due to injury in his four-year career, suffered a laceration on his foot that required a surgical procedure and is listed as day-to-day. He took part in all the drills at the Bell Centre and appeared strong on his skates, no small feat considering he had surgery four days ago.

    Staal missed the second half of Game 1 and all of Games 2 and 3 after suffering the cut during a collision at the Montreal blue line with Habs blueliner PK Subban.

    He skated gingerly for five minutes in warmups before the team’s Game 3 morning skate on Tuesday afternoon.

    “There were a few chuckles when I said he was day-to-day, but he is day-to-day,” head coach Dan Bylsma said after the Game 3 skate. “He is progressing. He was on the ice for a short time without his gear on testing out his foot and his skate. He’ll remain day-to-day and doing well.”

    Staal has appeared in seven postseason games for the Penguins this spring, picking up four points (2G-2A). Prior to the injury he had played in 358 consecutive games including the postseason.

  6. Crazy stuff! This kid is like friggin WOLVERINE!

  7. Evilpens

    Metz I’m sure the Tendon probably only had a Nick in it, But that is what is so incredible about Hockey Players, They play with Injuries that Guys in other sports wouldn’t even think of playing with

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