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This will be the story of the next 24 hours – Sergei Bobrovsky

He looked impressive at times, then completely clueless at others. It’s a benefit of beng a rookie goalie that no one knows yet. Whatever.

Realistically, there’s no reason to be bothered by this Pens loss, there’s no reason to be. The Pens skated well and generally were able to generate offense at will.

Flower? Well….

MAF made HUGE saves late…HUGE….just to keep the last minute heroics alive and give the Pens another opportunity to tie it up.

Tyler Kennedy must have been listening to “Cocaine Blues” on the way into the CEC today..

His goal celebration as the 1st Penguin to score a regulation goal in the new digs was legendary

I almost think it had something to do with being called the “odd man out” for the last 2 weeks of training camp.

I could be wrong.

Then again…..I was looking for a head count for all of the jumpers on the Fort Pitt bridge when Tangradi took a “country cruise” to  Wheeling, so I should expect the same contingent to be ready again tonight.

Pens are going 0-82, bank it

See you Saturday against Montreal…


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  1. Pug, you have been reading a lot of Pensblog circa 2008 lately?

  2. Francine Boudreau

    Flower was good indeed. Just wanted them to score first in their new building and win the first. Ah well, doesn’t mean anything, I know. Will see what happens Saturday night.
    Thanks Brian.

  3. Pointing out that the Pens lost their 1st game in the Arena Formerly known as Mellon. I ain’t skurred. Flyers fans need something to live for.

  4. Pens will be fine – the goal is to win the final game you play, not the first!

  5. OneSmugPug

    @AJ – No, I can honestly say I haven’t.

    I love Johnny Cash and Swingers, and Bobnoxious is a band from London, Ontario (I’ve spent considerable time in Kitchener, Ontario over the past 15 years, they are actually pretty decent)

    If I’ve infringed, it wasn’t intended..

  6. Evilpens

    I love the Kool-Aid Drinkers here !! Doing Kevin Bacon from Animal House Ending ALL IS WELL !!!! ALL IS WELL !!!! ALL IS WELL !!!! Like they are trying to convince themselves that it is ! That Gino is all of a Sudden going to look comfortable on the Wing & on the Point on the PP, That a Legit Top 2 line Winger or 2 is going to appear right before there very Eyes, When your best Wingers in the opening Game are TK & Tangradi a rookie that tells you all you need to know about the Paucity of Wingers

  7. OneSmugPug

    LOL @ EP – Panic after 1 game? Seriously? It was bad enough watching some folks in chat last night, hearing about the phone calls and reading the tweets was legendary. From calling out Bylsma’s system to Martin not taking a bad pass correctly. Philly had good positioning for the PP goal, Betts tapped a rebound home and the shorty was a direct result of a bad decision. My biggest complaint would have been the transition game, but I am not out punching kittens over it after one game. The season is 82 games long….

  8. Evilpens

    NO Panicking & that is all the same shit I heard & read from the KOOL-Aid Drinkers last season after the fast start !!Wait for the Playoffs & we will see the REAL Pens ……………… what happened they played the same as they did in the regular season, You know the old saying? if it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck it’s a duck

  9. OneSmugPug

    #1 – Duck is tasty
    #2 – No bridge jumpers when the Pens dominated the Pre-season games, now they drop a 1 goal decision that was more about the Flyers playing smart and a bit of luck on their part..and all hell breaks loose
    #3 – as I said, I have some issues with last night, but after 1 game, it’s silly to go overboard….
    #4 – If those issues don’t see some correction within 10 games, then….maybe it’s time to buy a new straight edge razor
    #5 – If folks are squeamish over that, then I suggest drinking ethylene glycol….I’ve only heard it tastes good and nobody has ever complained after the fact
    #6 – If the Pens beat Montreal on Saturday, lives will be spared then the bandwagon will be fixed again…

    We all know the deal – It’s actually pretty funny

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