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There is a lot going on with the Penguins this time of year. We have players jockeying for position on the depth chart, injury updates, interesting tidbits etc.

There is a lot going on with the Penguins this time of year. We have players jockeying for position on the depth chart, injury updates, interesting tidbits etc. I spend my time giving you my input on all of it, but each day I will give you a look at some of the more interesting Penguins links that are floating around…

First, Sidney Crosby apparently turned down an opportunity to appear on the David Letterman Show to do a Top Ten List. His schedule just wouldn’t allow it. There is speculation that some around the league were disappointed that he wasn’t able to do it, though league representatives tried to dispel that story in this piece by Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The most intriguing tidbit in this piece is the fact that the missing Crosby Olympic gear might be sitting in a warehouse waiting to be found…

Crosby Turns Down Dave

We stick with the Post Gazette here for this piece on Jay McKee falling to number 7 on the team’s depth chart. I feel bad about this situation, being that McKee is such a great guy. You may remember a pretty extensive interview that I was able to do with McKee after he was signed. He was very cordial, accommodating and gave me 45 minutes of his time while he was vacationing in Florida. That meant a lot to me… hopefully he can work himself back up the depth chart, as I still feel he has some great value for this team. Make no mistake, McKee will have to fill a big role before it is all said and done this season.

McKee Number 7

One last Post Gazette link… (I can certainly see who was at practice yesterday…I wasn’t able to make it). Matt Cooke has “reached out to Marc Savard.” I am sure that Cooke is regretting the play that left Savard with a grade two concussion and I am glad to see him do the classy thing here. In general, I do not think hockey players mean to injure other hockey players and it is nice to see Cooke try to get in touch to apologize and or explain himself.

Cooke trying to Reach out to Savard

The Boston Herald gives us some reaction to the Cooke hit from the Bruins lockerroom and GM Peter Chiarelli.

Bruins Reaction

Here is a great piece by one of the best writers in the city… Joe Starkey of the Tribune Review and 93.7 the Fan Radio takes a look at the Crosby/Ovechkin rivalry.

Crosby v Ovechkin

Sean Allen of’s fantasy sports dept weighs in on the Poni to the Pens trade. In his estimation, it was the biggest fantasy move of the 2010 Trade Deadline.

Poni to the Pens


I can’t believe that I left this off of the list… Here is a piece from featuring thoughts from around the league on the Cooke hit and head shots in general. Players, coaches, and GMs were given a chance to sound off…

The head shot debate

More shortly…


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