Now that the gas has saturated…..

Onesmugpug gets it rolling with a urine and vinegar filled rant that has been brewing for weeks…

It’s been brewing for sometime now….

Let’s start with the recent outrage over the Pens/Cap Alumni game. It really is amazing to hear and see people threaten the teams with pulling their support away because an exhibition game wasn’t going to be televised. I guess it’s hard to fathom that the Alumni game was not mentioned in NHL Broadcasting right negotiations to begin with, so I am sure that had NOTHING to do with why it’s not being televised. I am aware that the game sold out of tickets incredibly fast and the aftermath is having to deal with scalpers and incredibly high aftermarket prices. I’d be pretty pissed too, I suppose but it really is a meaningless game in which the old players are going to joke around for an hour or two. Honestly, I’d rather dig up Sam Kinison DVD’s and spend the afternoon watching those. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy seeing the game, I certainly would. I really think it’s a neat idea.

However, I think the ticket dispersal was all wrong.

10000 tickets were made available and then put on sale for the general public. Why not split the tickets into 2 separate groups of 5000 and then setup a system to allow Pens/Caps season ticket holders the right of first refusal via a raffle or some other lottery system? I mean these people are paying a lot of money just for season tickets. The Winter Classic IS a regular season game (that counts in the standings) that would have normally normally been treated as a part of their normal package. That’s not the case for the Winter Classic. Season Ticket Holders were offered dibs on those tickets with a nice inflated cost (starting @ $140, I believe) just because it’s an “NHL Sanctioned Event”.

Nice money grab, kids.

Why not offer the STH’s a nice bone and have a shot at those Alumni Tickets? I mean after all, they are the ones giving the teams money up front as a sign of support and then asked to spend even more for an “event”.  If I am the NHL, do I really need to ask myself why people are buying counterfeit or unlicensed merchandise? I used to tell those people that they weren’t supporting the team by doing that, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t work so hard in hopes of affording a $200+ replica jersey that is cheaply made with heat sealed numbers. At least they aren’t using little used words to tell you how cheap the jersey is made any more – “Personalized name and number in single-layer, screen-printed twill are heat pressed onto the back and sleeves.” I won’t even mention that those replica jerseys run like stockings on the slightest catch.

So yeah, I get it…fans are upset and they have reason to be upset but I am not sure the lack of television coverage over the Alumni Game is where I would make my stand in protest.

Moving on,

I really thought my use of social media might have been getting the best of me. I was constantly irritated reading a lot of what was in front of me. It will be tough to tread here because there are really great hockey fans that I talk to everyday (this is where I make my distinction, I am a hockey fan). I see so much hate due to players and what team they played for. I see hate for Arron Asham because he was a Flyer, but a lot of love for Mike Rupp…..uhh, dude scored a Cup winning goal for the DEVILS.  I see so much love for Matt Coke, but hey…he played for the Caps for like 30 seconds. While I defended Cooke’s hit on Savard last season, it wasn’t some jaded effort of a fan boy, just a guy who saw nothing ILLEGAL on that hit. He’s a similar player to Jarkko Ruutu, only with a better ability to play defense. Most folks had to go hit up  Hockey DB to find out he actually had been playing for nearly a decade in Vancouver. Now he is so loved, to the point that a clear elbow to Keith Yandle’s head last night will likely be overlooked by the fan base. Ah yes….let’s not consider that the headshot topic is ever increasing every day or the fact that Cooke has a laundry list of incidents over the years. Hey, I am an admitted fan of his game, but I don’t bury my head in the sand about what he does, unlike some places that would prefer to be his PR rep.

Repeat offender……remember those words.

That brings us to the folks who would have you believe that they are an insider….

Interest, Could, might…. terms that are attached to names that make you want to search out the truth.

Example: “Kings have interest in Malkin” – Sure but what team doesn’t

“Leafs might part with 3 1st round picks for Malkin” – They also might be interested in relocating to Hamilton because it would only enrage Buffalo even more when the Bills move to Toronto

Cite for facts, maybe a source….. large reasons that I do not subscribe to “rumor” websites for anything more than material for jokes.  If you want to put this in hockey terms, their combined save percentage for accuracy is far below Vesa Toskala’s worst game ever played. I can spout lines of BS like the next guy, but I don’t try to hide behind behind a veil when it comes to having to being called out for it.  I am not a member of the media, and nor do I ever present myself as one. I am still not sure why people do this, they make a mockery of the hard work done some and even those who have money and time invested in a nice journalism degree. I come for you, I will call you out everyday if I feel like it…. don’t ask me to take it private, it’s not personal, it’s a gut check.



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  1. How dare you sully the name of the saintly Matt Cooke!

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