Shhh…It’s a secret, but… Greetings from Cancun!

Just wanted to quickly check in from CANCUN as I celebrate my 35th birthday in style!

Well, it seems that my vacation must have been one of the best kept secrets since the Da Vinci code as I can’t think of a time in which more people were trying to get in touch with me than last night. Sorry I missed you all… I am out of the country. The best thing is that there were people asking me questions such as “Where did you park?” etc even after they had long been in the building. Not being rude, but where did you guys think I was watching the game? I would think that had I been there we might have crossed paths? Stranger things have happened…

We planned a getaway around my 35th birthday which is tomorrow. Wasn’t sure what the hockey schedule was going to be, but I figured it would be far better to miss the first couple of meaningless games in the CONSOL Energy Center than it would be to miss any of the meaningful ones. The team apparently had a great showing last night and who knew?? MIKE F’N COMRIE would score the first goal in the building! Pretty cool… I had my money on that 87 kid, but from what I understand, he had to settle for goal number two… while I am talking about last night, here is a shot of the National Anthem being sung by the great Jeff Jimerson!(compliments of my good friend Angie Carducci from Inside Hockey)

Anyway… congrats to a number of my blogging pals. It seems that the Penguins are letting a handful of you cover the game on Saturday night. Very cool. Kudos to one of the most forward thinking organizations in the league. I am not sure of how many of you are getting a crack at it, but I know of a handful that have dropped me notes and or messages. Good luck  boys… my advice: be yourself. There is no secret to making it work…heck, I have been inside for 5 years and I am still trying to figure it out. Just don’t pull a Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney. If you think that is going to happen… just stand there, look cute and keep your mouth shut…that’s what I do!

Please take care of my man One Smug Pug…he is holding down the fort here while I am away…based on today’s post and last night’s tweets, he is doing a tremendous job!

Special thanks to my good friend Shawn McCullough who works for numerous outlets. He was kind enough to send me a number of audio clips from last night’s game. Sure you might have heard them on local radio in Pittsburgh, but in case you haven’t, they address a number of important topics, including Crosby’s hip flexor. Here they are…they are short, but informative!

1. Dan Bylsma talks Crosby’s hip flexor…


2. Crosby talks about the first game at the Consol Energy Center…


3. Crosby talks about his hip flexor…


4. Another Sid on the flexor being sore…


5. Marc Andre Fleury talks about the first game in the Consol Energy Center…


6. Fleury talks about getting the win in the Pens first pre-season game…


7. Mike Comrie talking about the importance of pre-season games growing as it gets closer to the regular season…


8. Mike Comrie talks about scoring to support the big guys on the team…


9. Brett Sterling talks about his first game as a Penguin…


10. Brett Sterling talks about his first goal in the preseason…


Thanks again to Shawn… always appreciated!

I will be back in the ‘burgh on Monday evening and covering the game Tuesday night.

Following up with a news release blog in a few… thanks for the support and for understanding the need for this recharging of the batteries as I head down the horrifying roller coaster hill towards 40 that 35 provides. More soon…


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  1. Francine Boudreau

    Great article and loved listening to the short excerpts. Happy Birthday and have a great trip in sunny and beautiful Cancun. Francine

  2. Big man,

    You know we cant let your get away out of the bag or you will be swamped by the paparazzi. You need some time away to yourself and your partner…

  3. Iron Mike

    Happy Birthday Metz… we’ll try to go easy on One Smug Pug! Be safe in your travels…looking forward to the season!

  4. Mexican Pen

    I met Metz yesterday afternoon… I love NHL and can’t find coverage in country! So great find this site. Look forward to NHL season and Penguins Cup!

  5. Hey gang!

    Thanks for the kind words! Walshy, glad you kept the secret, I forgot those 8x10s! lol

    Talk to you all soon!


  6. OneSmugPug

    Heh, Metz sends me a the files while I was sitting in my overpriced AHL seat for waiting for the Bruins/Panthers game to start……

  7. Loved seeing the Chris/Paul interview again. Enjoy your bday!

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