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Two Minutes With… Jay McKee…

Updated: May 1, 2010

I had a chance to catch up with Penguins defenseman Jay McKee following last night’s victory over the Montreal Canadiens. Jay is one of my favorites to chat with, as he is always willing to take the time, gives a thoughtful answer and is a great team first kind of guy.

It is great to see McKee back in the line-up and playing well, as I know that this playoff run was one of the biggest reasons that he wanted to come to Pittsburgh. He has come close to the Stanley Cup before, but obviously hasn’t been able to win one. I am also personally pulling for him because he has been such a great guy to work with over the past season…always answering my texts, answering my questions and just giving me tons of his time from his earliest moments in Pittsburgh.

McKee gave me close to an hour of his time while on vacation this past summer after signing his contract with the Penguins, allowing me to be one of the first from Pittsburgh to chat with him.

In this conversation, we discussed the Penguins victory, the early deficit that they overcame, his role on the team and the fact that Pittsburgh is an amazing sports town.

I am uploading the file directly to the site since Talkshoe is betraying me! Sorry if you are trying to get this on dial up. Will update the format later if I can… Enjoy Two Minutes with… Jay McKee…