Walshy’s World: A Quick Look at Crosby’s Potentially Fractured Vertebrae

Crosby may be dealing with a couple of fractured vertebrae and our resident health and fitness expert, Cam Walsh, weighs in.

(As you all have heard by now, Sportsnet has announced that Sidney Crosby was diagnosed with two fractured vertebrae. The Penguins have since issued a statement saying that the vertebrae are actually healed and that they are awaiting further review by additional specialists this week. We will have more info on this situation as it comes, but our resident health and fitness expert, Cam Walsh wanted to weigh in quickly on the injury and what it could mean long term for Crosby. – Metz)

By Cameron Walsh

The negatives of being on the other side of the world and in the process of re-writing two web sites for your own small business is you end up being last with the Sidney Crosby updates. A special thanks to @AussieHockeyFan for emailing me the question about Sid and his fracture. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

The best part about this diagnosis is they finally have found the source of the discomfort Crosby has been having. As we know he has had these symptoms for what seems like forever and no real sign of them going away.

Now with a fracture finally being found (I am giving the medico’s the benefit of the doubt on this one) Crosby can go about doing the right things in fixing it. The positive is it is rest and lack of moment. The negative is knowing when the vertebrae has fully healed and he can go back to normal skating duties.

Vertebrae are hard to look at on an xray or MRI, they are not the easiest thing to look at, so missing this crack is not that hard to believe. He could have had this all along and not found it, thankfully it has been so it is a matter of giving the vertebrae time to heal fully, so I can believe Sid might miss the rest of the year due to this process.

The good news is Crosby will be ok moving forward, both in normal life and in playing hockey. Once fully healed the vertebrae will be just like new and he should have no ill effects from what he has gone through, no spinal nerve damage from the sounds of it so that is great!