Welcome to From the Point!

Welcome to, the new home of Brian Metzer.

If you already know who I am…awesome! That means that you have been following my work with XM Radio, Hockey Buzz, or Versus. If you aren’t familiar with me I will give you the 411.

Welcome to, the new home of Brian Metzer.

If you already know who I am…awesome! That means that you have been following my work with XM Radio, Hockey Buzz, or Versus. If you aren’t familiar with me I will give you the 411.

I spent the last four years covering the Pittsburgh Penguins for various outlets and have been blogging about the team longer than many who have focused on the Flightless Waterfowl. In fact, if you consider the time I put in on my age old “Pittsburgh Penguins Report” my coverage takes me back as far as the lock out. Over that time I have dreamed of branching out on my own and when I started to get frustrated, complacent, bored and stagnant I felt the time was right to move forward.

I began planning this website about six months ago and started bouncing some ideas around with my team of designers… which for the record equates to several lunch dates with my good friend Ryan Lenocker from Kicksave Design. Ryan and I eventually came up with what you are seeing here today. I hope you like it!

Though the Penguins coverage is front and center, “From the Point” allows me to provide news, thoughts, analysis, and interviews from around the hockey world. There were plenty of times over the past four years where I would have loved to have spent some time focusing on another team, group of players, fantasy hockey, dumping some newsworthy links etc, but was sort of pigeonholed. This gives me the outlet for all of that and more.

You will see coverage of some college hockey as well, especially Robert Morris University who has built one of the best up and coming programs in the country under head coach Derek Schooley.

I will be working and cross linking with several other bloggers and websites to ensure even more great content, including round tables and surveys debating different points throughout the year.

You can find groups of newsworthy links each day, so as to save you the time and effort of seeking the news yourself. Sort of a morning skate through the NHL if you will.

The “From the Point” hockey show will be kicking off soon, which should whet the appetites of everyone out there who has been missing the old “Penguins Hockey Buzzcast.” I have missed doing the show and am really fired up to get the new one off of the ground.

I am not asking you to leave any of the sites that you might have been reading in the past behind, just hoping that you will consider making mine one of your daily stops. I will be working hard to ensure the quality of everything that is here for your consumption. If there are things that you would like to see, please drop me a line at I love interacting with readers, I was very active in the comments/chat applet over at Hockey Buzz and that will be the same here. This is a developing community and I want you all to be a part of it.

If you encounter something that isn’t working the way it is supposed to…let me know. Something you love… let me know. Something you hate… keep it to yourself… I am kidding of course, let me know.

Lastly, I am thrilled to FINALLY have a blogroll… not being able to publicize my friends in the blogging community was always a pet peeve of mine at my former employer. There are plenty of amazing bloggers and blogs out there and we are all part of the same community — working towards the same goals… We all need to work together!

My blogroll is still in progress and being updated as we speak… I will be linking to all of the ones that I love, but if you have one out there and would like to be included, please send me your url. Of course, I am asking you to please add me to yours as well! It would be much appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by… back soon with my first official post From the Point!


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  1. Looking real forward to your contributions to FTP Brian.

  2. Congratulations Brian. Looking forward to reading you!

  3. Congrats on the new site! It will be a regular read. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Brian,

    Great new site! I’ve enjoyed reading you on Hockey Buzz and since I follow you on Twitter, I found this site.

    I write for Hockey and High Heels, mainly about the Pens, even though I now live near Houston, Texas. I am a native Pittsburgh though.

    Good luck with your site.


  5. Mike8120

    Glad to see you are out on your own Brian. Looking forward to what the new site has to offer.

  6. Best of luck Brian and a very smart move.

  7. Congrats on the new site Brian
    Your work was always appreciated on the various outlets you submitted to. It’s nice to see you finally branch off and get your own place!

    Best of luck!


  8. Nice to see Brian….always enjoyed reading about your opinions on the Pens and looking forward to this new site. Best of luck and consider yourself on the extensive Program blogroll.


  9. Looks good! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place 😉

    Its great to have yet another hockey blog to check out…. seems like there have been a few good sites popping up lately. I’m sure this will fit right in near the top of the hockey blogosphere…

    On that note, can we get a Martin Skoula joke?

  10. Great stuff, B! Congrats!

  11. mwiles19


    Congrats on the site. I’m really glad for you and enjoy your work a ton. Thanks for the great Pens coverage!

  12. herbie1178

    congrats b metz god luck!!!!!!!

  13. Ciampaglione

    Congrats on the site. Always went straight to your blog on Hbuzz. Looking forward to the new digs.

  14. Looks good Ger! Best of luck to you. Not that you need it!

  15. Joe Dresmich (Doogs from HB)

    Congrats on the move. I panicked when reading your Farewell over on the Buzz, but when I read about this…nice. I have enjoyed reading your stuff and am glad you are keeping up. I look forward to all you post here as well.



  16. Yes,

    Its up I like it and Im glad the cat is out of the bag….

    Well done Mr Metzer, you should be very proud today you ‘Yinzer’….


    From all of us down in

    Kangaroo Flat.

  17. Adam Kirshenblatt

    The site looks great Brian. Keep in touch.


  18. Congratulations, Brian, and the best of luck in your new venture, my friend.

  19. A public congrats to supplement the private sentiments I’ve already shared …

    All the best on the new venture, Metz!!! Beers all around! 😉


  20. Millicent Byrd

    Hey Brian…..Your mother sent me here. Look forward to seeing and reading this again. One thing I need you to add to this website is your picture.

  21. Hey Millie! Been ages since we spoke! My pic is in the about section of the site. You can find that on the top of the page… Thanks for checking it out…pass it on to all of the displaced Pittsburghers!

    Great hearing from you, hope to talk soon!


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