A Pugs Eye View: More Free Agency Perspective

It’s now day three of the Free Agency Signing Period, and I have begun to ponder a little bit more about the departures, Sergei Gonchar and Mark Eaton.

By Todd Wyant

It’s now day three of the Free Agency Signing Period, and I have begun to ponder a little bit more about the departures, Sergei Gonchar and Mark Eaton. For some reason, I had envisioned the negotiations for Gonch going south…in particular when this footage was released of the first rounds of contract discussions this past winter.

Needless to say, Mr. Sheen….errr, Shero had to do what he had to do from there. I am still stunned that Botterill was able to get a video camera in on those negotiations. Well done, Jason, I knew there was something special about you when I was watching you play in Rochester.

By now, we all now how Mr. Shero lit up the opposition:

As of yesterday, Mark Eaton has moved on to the New York Islanders. After the money just thrown at Martin and Michalek, this was not a surprise. Good luck, bud. You had some great moments like Sergei, you took a ton of abuse, so thank you. The next time we see either of you, I can only imagine it will look a lot like this.

Enjoy the Island, Mark, there are some nice bloggers down there who will love you.

A special shout out goes out to Jordan Leopold: Per his agent, Ben Hankinson via Twittter – “Jordan Leopold was finalizing his Buffalo deal w me then jumped on w Martin & gave Pitt huge plug. Paul made decision shortly after.”

Leo, your time in Pittsburgh was short, but thanks for recognizing what makes it special and helping to facilitate the Martin deal. You get a reprieve from my usual jobbing of the Buffalo Sabres, right up until November 24th 2010, then you’re fair game again!

It’s time to move on from the players we loved before. It’s time to make the new guys coming in feel welcome.

If you are still thinking that GMRS still needs to sign a wing for Crosby, allow me to welcome you to the year 2010, in the year of Our Lord, while I hand you a book on that last 2 years of Pittsburgh Penguin statistics. Wings are nice, but I prefer mine with a bit of Frank’s Red Hot and Salted Sweet Cream Butter.

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  1. This may sound harsh, but it feels like the ‘new’ NHL fan wants that winger for Sid, the older NHL fan understood we needed to fix the back 6. On paper it looks like Shero has done this, let’s hope the practical is as good as the theory for the pass mark

  2. Evilpens

    Ahh that;s a little Harsh, Actuaaly they need Both, But with a Salary Cap & the pathetic FA wingers it was smart going for D

  3. Meh….Sergei Gonchar is really Colonel Kurtz….

  4. saitjust21

    wingers? we dont need no stinkin wingers

  5. Gunner Staal

    I didnt know a resident of Brockport was capable of such a nice writing piece Pug.

  6. OneSmugPug

    Actually GS, I reside in Greece…but I am a native of the Pittsburgh area.

  7. Gunner Staal

    Im a Greece man myself.

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