Around the NHL – 10/9/10

Pugger takes you on a tour around the league…

Is it me or have we read this article about 2 – 4 times a year for the last 20 years? (

Ondrej Pavelec passes out and the Thrashers go on to beat Washington 4-2 but….

Mike Green is going to take a TON of heat over “covering the puck in the crease”

I saw it and, admittedly, it was a bad call by the refs…. (finding video of that is becoming quite the task)

and without leaving the news from that game…

Evander Kane, a total beast last night

Moving on…

I didn’t watch it but after reading through early Tweets, the Devils came out flying…

only to lose in OT 4-3 to Dallas

Detroit shuts out Anaheim 4-0

but the important Fantasy stat from that game is…

Corey Perry is on pace to not only to set a new NHL record in PIM, but the knock it the hell out  like….

Yep, I went there…but the autograph on that seriously made me laugh

Sabres win but,  in defiance of my current debacle, I am not linking it

That’s an article for later…

Carolina beat Minny…again

Southeast Division is currently being dominated  by a team NOT located in DC

*Mumbles something about San Jose winning regular season games*

Time to go do some everyday stuff before game time….

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