Malkamania Running Wild: Odds and Ends of the Hockey Season So Far

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By Cy Clark

Milan Lucic – What is this guy’s deal here?  He just about killed Ryan Miller on Saturday and he’s pretty lucky Miller was seeing stars and not a lumberjack or he would be around 5-foot-7 right about now.  And then what about Miller’s teammates showing their toughness by saying “Don’t do that“or “We’ll get you if you do that again”.  Lindy Ruff really has to question this team’s toughness.  Then they interview Gaustad and he has all kinds of things to say.  I say this– Shame on you Buffalo Sabres.

Did you catch the Steve MacIntyre / Eric Neilson fight Saturday night?  I have not seen anyone withstand a beating like Neilson did and stand the whole time.  His face was a mess and he must have had to sit in the quiet room for a while.  I was thinking, “is this guy a direct descendant of Sasquatch?”  If you have not seen this fight, check out below.  I’ve watched it about five times now.

For the moment it seems like Ilya Bryzgalov has found his way out of the woods.  He’s starting to play well, but I will let you in on a little secret — I expect by mid April Bryz will be deep in those woods again looking for a way out.  He’ll find a path that leads him right to the golf course.  Another Flyer early exit.

Seven home games and what Penguin has scored a goal in every one of them?  You got it — James Neal.  Did you think he would have 11 goals by now?  If you said yes, you are lying but I’m glad he is off to such a hot start.  Also Flower is playing great between those pipes this year, which is the complete opposite of the beginning of last season. And if you aren’t convinced Matt Cooke has changed his ways……. Keep it up Cookie!  And what a move on that penalty shot!

What in the world is going on in Columbus?  Lots of talk preseason that this was going to be their year. The year of what… a collapse?  A total Collapse?  Jeff Carter wakes up in a cold sweat every night asking “What did I do to deserve this?”   I will say this to Scott Howson; it’s time to look for another goalie.  Steve Mason is NOT your answer.   How many more years will it take you to figure this out?  Then again, you will not see December in Columbus anyway.  Wonder if it had anything to do with the “Columbus Invasion”?  Still the best time I ever had at an away game.

Besides finally waking up Saturday and scoring a goal, because his brother Jordan scored and lit a fire under him, Eric Staal is in never-never land.  Seems the hit he put on his brother is in his head.  You kinda wonder if he gets an invite to Christmas this year.  Look for some housecleaning in Carolina.

And last but not least.  I have a bone to pick with quite a few people who are praising Peter Laviolette for his stunt against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Praise him for what?  For showing he is not smart enough to show he has what it takes to have his team beat the 1-3-1?  I’m taking my ball and leaving?  This is my stance on your 1-3-1.  Fred Shero spins in his grave.  Badger Bob is nonstop wiping his face. These guys would come up with something to beat it.  Peter, why don’t you wave a white flag and claim we can’t do it?  Give Tampa the 2 points.  Basically you were being a grandstanding jerk.  I’ll see you Dec 8th.

One last thing…. Is today the day? 87 back on the ice?  Slap me silly Sidney, sure hope so! (Unfortunately #CrosbyWatch rolls on – Ed’s note)