Malkamania Running Wild: Some Pens Tidbits to Discuss

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By Cy Clark

If you had to choose one jersey which would you pick?  Do you like the current black/Vegas gold, the current third jersey from the Winter Classic, or the powder blue jersey that was scrapped?   How about some of the older ones, the old black/gold scheme, or maybe the gold color from Mario’s rookie year?  I was surprised to hear a lot of people liked the black and gold with Pittsburgh down the front.  And yes, the worst was the pigeon and the pop art one.

What five players, other than the norm of Mario, Crosby, Malkin and that other guy, would you like to have a hockey sit down discussion with?  If I had my choice I would choose Les Binkley, Jean Pronovost, Warren Young, Rick Tocchet, and Deryk Engelland.  As you can see by my choices I am all over the place.  Binkley, how was it playing goal back in the day without a mask?  Pronovost, he was the most successful Pens player in the 70’s.  I would love to ask him what went wrong in 1975 playoffs.  Warren Young, for one year he was a 40 goal scorer to losing it all after signing the big contract.  Tocchet, wonder how he felt coming to arch rival Pittsburgh and then winning a cup.  And finally, Engelland, he pretty much dominated players when dropping the gloves last year.  Why not so much this year.

If you had one coach to pick who you wish would have done a better job who would it be and why?  My choice will surprise you. Scott Bowman. What would have happened if he hadn’t worried so much about the winning streak and focused more on resting players for the 3rd cup in 1992-1993?

Who, in your opinion, were the three biggest 1st round pick busts? My choices:  Gord Laxton  #13 in 1975, Craig Hillier #23  in 1996 and Konstantin Koltzov #18 in 1999.  Now choose you three best draft picks from any round. (Not including Mario, Crosby, Geno and that other guy)  My choices:  Mark Recchi round 4 pick #67 in 1988, Marcus Naslund round 1 pick #16 in 1991 and Michel Briere round 3 pick #26 in 1969.  Here is a little trivia for you… in 1973 a 5th round pick, 71 overall was a man by the name of Guido Tenesi.  He never played a game in the NHL but was well known for his role as Billy Charlebois, aka the pretty boy.

Besides the Ron Francis trade, what is your favorite trade in Pittsburgh lore?  I myself would pick the Tocchet/Recchi trade basically because I was a big Rick Tocchet fan (oooooh he played in Philly). What trade did you like the most?

Pretty soon before you know it I will be able to start eating at the CEC.  If you were to pick the three best items that I can sink my teeth into, what three items would you choose for me to eat? There are lots to choose from, so I want to make my first choices worthwhile!

I don’t know about you but I have really been impressed with the play of James Neal, and Jordan Staal this year. I know Neal was a whipping boy during the playoffs, but talk about some new found confidence and he getting that shot on net, you get your shot on net and good things happen.  And Its good to see Staal shooting  more, going to the net with authority and using that 6’4” frame of his to good use.

As you see I ask some questions of you readers, I would like very much for your feedback. Comment here, on Twitter @Malkamania71, Facebook or my shoot me an email   I would appreciate your comments.