Saturday Morning Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his famous “Saturday Morning Coffee…” Loudness, Falcor and 90210 in the same post… INSANE!

By Jim Butler

Seriously, is Brian Engblom morphing in to Falcor?

Michael Leighton cleared waivers? Really, can’t believe an NHL team wouldn’t want a back up at best making $1.55 million a year.

First Langenbrunner, who’s next? Hard to move some of those horrid contracts.

Congrats to the US for winning the 1st WJC medal on home soil with a bronze in Buffalo.

Dwayne Roloson to the Bolts is a solid pickup, Dan Ellis wishes he was still on twitter for this.

When Mats Zuccarello scores they should start playing Rocking and Roll Crazy Nights by Loudness.

Am I crazy or does it feel like the Florida Panthers are on the right path all of a sudden.


Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette says he’s going to do the “Dougie” if he scores, this is a must!

Speaking of Nasty…Kovalchuk and Gagne at almost $12 million combined salary are a combined -50

The Islanders trade The Wiz and Rollie the goalie and get better, figure that out if you will.

Why the Sens are in deep crap and heading down quickly. Milan Michalek and Jason Spezza starting next seasons make almost $2 million combined a season more than Mike Richards and Claude Giroux.

Gabby Carteris

The LA Kings should be better, they always seem just a player or two away.

Watch out for the Blues, if and when they get Oshie and Perron back they’ll go on a tear.

Remember Gabrielle Carteris from the original 90210 well she just turned 50…WOW.

Ok Byfuglien enough is enough; get out of the Norris race now.

I’m curious if the Habs will trade for another D-man with Jacques Georges done for the year.

I’m not sure I could do the “Dougie” if I tried but if I ever run a punt back I’m going for it.

Have a great weekend Hooligans


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  1. isn’t Cheech’s 1.2M buyout still there next year as well? Just couldn’t make nice with Heatley could they.

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