Saturday Morning Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his all natural, Saturday Morning Coffee…

By Jim Butler

Best 3 teams in the NHL Red Wings, Flyers and Pens. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

Pronger, Erik Johnson and Ryan Callahan all injured Wednesday night, that’s a tough hump day.

Hey look everybody Scott Gomez just walked in, bought time.

Malkin comes back and is the Pens best offensive producer and they lose 2 in a row….odd.

One team in real trouble is the Calgary Flames, no pun intended but they need a fire sale, start the rebuilding NOW. Iginla and Kipper I would think would bring enough to really rebuild. That said Sutter proved in the Phaneuf deal he might not be good at evaluating talent because the return for him was horrid at best.

Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels = WOW

Marleau and Pavelski are a combined -26…………………………….huh!

PK Subban sure brings some excitement to the game for both teams… that said somebody is going to knock his block off.

Jacques Demers has a koi fish named Shaq? That’s fantastic.

Hockey Pool Corner

Marc Staal has some offense, might be a 35 point D-man with a very good plus minus.

Scott Gomez is at least 60 point player, he’s heating up.

Can you still buy low on Jeff Carter, if you can get him now.

Joffrey Lupul is back and sniping, he’s so hip he uses an o instead of an e.

Same on Geno Machino Malkin, slow start but we all know he’s a 100 point player most years!

Corey Crawford looks like he may be the #1 in Chicago, Turco looks done.

Jamie McBain started slow, should have a solid 2nd half.

Backes always starts slow but he’s had a solid first 30 games, may have a monster second half.

Vlady Sobotka will get you some points in St Louis with all the injuries

Have a great weekend hooligans


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  1. Flyers are 3 W and 1 L against the Pens this year, that top picture is a bit misleading!!

  2. I made a change to that pic for you Butsie! lol Sorry about that, wasn’t trying to send the wrong message…it had way more to do with the fact that I was falling asleep at the wheel while getting this posted last night…and it was a quick find! 😉

    B Metz

  3. coffee hount

    Turco was done before he came to the windy city. What were they thinking!

  4. Looks like Mr Machino is about to go on that tear…. Great foresight Butsy….

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