All-Star Selections are in and…

...will your Pittsburgh Penguins be well represented? It certainly seems like it will be the case, as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang and Marc Andre Fleury were all leading and or close to leading their respective categories.

All would be deserving choices as All-Star selections this season, though you could probably make a case against Geno Malkin, as he isn’t necessarily having a career year. Beyond that, Sidney Crosby has been on fire and is leading the league in scoring, Kris Letang has been amongst the scoring leaders on defense all season long and Marc Andre Fleury is posting one of the best statistical seasons of his career.

Like you, I am listening to NHL Live waiting for the selections…here they are in order of announcement…

6th: Evgeni Malkin – Pens

5th: Duncan Keith – Hawks

4th: Jonathan Toews – Hawks

3rd: Marc Andre Fleury – Pens

2nd: Kris Letang – Pens

1st: Sidney Crosby – Pens

* * * * *

Brendan Shanahan was most impressed with the selection of Kris Letang, based on the fact that he was a write in candidate. Bill Clement then pointed out that Pittsburgh is only the 61st largest market in the country, which speaks volumes about the selections of so many Penguins via fan vote.

* * * * *

The 42 All Stars will select the two captains and 4 alternate captains. All captains will be on stage and a coin toss will determine who gets the first selection…

More shortly…

3 thoughts on “All-Star Selections are in and…

  1. I’m in Oklahoma, but a lifer Pens fans and I voted ’till it hurt. Literally. *cramp*

  2. Heh….. Pittsburgh, the 61st largest market, and easily the fanbase with the most time on their hands…oh, wait..

  3. We just have a very ‘techno’ savvy fanbase, I have a feeling the demographic of the fanbase now would be somewhere from 12-35 45+ there is going to be that group that missed through the wonderful Rico Fata era.

    That younger group of fans, love twitter, facebook, and the whole idea of texting in a vote…. So it is not a surprise so many Pens got voted into the game.

    They all deserve to be in the game anyway, maybe not as starters, but Sid and Letang are starters.

    Geno and Fleury had too poor of starts to the year to get starter nods, you take out Fleury’s start and he has all-star numbers….

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