Crosby Still Feeling the Effects… Admits Setback

Crosby admits setback, suffers concussion symptoms last week which halted his rehab routine…

By Brian Metzer

The Penguins turned out this afternoon for one final time this season at the CONSOL Energy Center. The day is reserved for cleaning out the lockers, saying those off-season good byes and getting a couple nuggets of info that just aren’t available during the season… and one heck of a nugget fell today.

Sidney Crosby admitted that he did in fact have a set back last week and is still experiencing concussion symptoms to this day. It isn’t that big a surprise after watching his daily skating routine scale back last week, however it is still pretty huge news.

The Penguins captain believes that he might have actually gotten one concussion on top of another within four days back in January following hits to the head by both David Steckel and Victor Hedman. He has been experiencing pressure and headaches and was never really close to playing in the Lightning series or even being cleared for contact for that matter.

Crosby did debunk the rumor about having any sort of spinal injury, though he admitted to having some neck pain early in the recovery period.

We shall see where number 87’s recover goes from here… hopefully he is able to make a full recovery and get back to being one of, if not the best hockey player on the planet.

More shortly…

The Penguins official site is quick on the draw when it comes to transcription! Here is the entire Crosby transcript from today:

Crosby Media transcript