Dan Bylsma’s Final Thoughts on 2009-10

I will have three more audio links from this afternoon going up, but I figured that I would start with Dan Bylsma, since he kept us waiting the longest!

The Coach was actually pretty busy this afternoon dealing with player meetings etc and apparently one of the meetings ran a bit long. Us poor shlubs were left waiting in the media lounge for roughly an hour waiting for him. He was quick to apologize though… Dan is always a great guy to deal with and it was well worth the wait.

One funny moment occurred when Rob Rossi jumped to the podium and began conducting his own presser for the slap happy group that decided to hang around. I know that many out there are always very fond of Double R, but he actually is one of the funniest guys in the building when he isn’t being a curmudgeon!

When Coach finally arrived in the room, he was quick to apologize for being an hour late. He then had some fun when he was asked if he was attacked by the Monkey that was seen behind the Penguins bench. Apparently there was a Canadiens’ fan with a plush monkey puppet tormenting the team throughout Game 7.

There weren’t any groundbreaking moments in the presser, but you can hear the disappointment in Bylsma’s voice over the loss. He addresses the fact that he could be losing some of his vets, he will probably avoid watching the playoffs…but would flip it on out of habit. He also addressed the Sergei Gonchar situation and talked as if he was very much in favor of bringing him back.

Interestingly enough, he agreed with a question asking if Geno Malkin and Marc Andre Fleury should feel a little disappointed about their seasons. He didn’t do it in a way to beat his stars up, but pointed out that each of them probably had moments during this season and these playoffs that they would like to have back.

Overall, I found his comments pretty interesting… he even called himself out by saying that even when he does something that is praised in the media, he wonders if it was the right move.

Regardless of what folks are saying around the league, I am still pretty excited about this head coach… enjoy the clip. It is the raw cut from my recorder…didn’t have a ton of time to get it edited up… 17 minutes worth…

8 thoughts on “Dan Bylsma’s Final Thoughts on 2009-10

  1. Great stuff! Have been reading, watching, and listening and am very impressed! Keep up the great work! Am sorry that the Pens had a shorter season, but when you’re flat a game can get out of hand quickly.

  2. I can’t wait to get home to listen to your audio. I love Disco and really can’t stand his critics. He’s only like the winningest coach this team has seen and brought home a Stanley Cup victory for the fans in less than 5 months of managing the bench.

    Yinzers are ridiculous. They’re spoiled fans. They’ve celebrated championship after chamionpship and when they can’t do it after their team gets to a playoffs for a 3rd year in a row, all of a sudden EVERYONE that has ANYTHING to do with the team sucks. Dumb!

    I’m still looking for that Bylsma Kings jersey. If you find one, let me know ASAP!!!!

  3. OH STFU with the Yinzer Shit !! Where the **** are you From?? >…………………………………………… Yep thought a Yinzer Ripping Yinzers , ABSOLUTELY F***** BRILLIANT

  4. Yep the Media, Trade Malkin, The Media MORONS have already Made the Logic for the Stupid Class, The Talking Point being Spread is this!! “Is 17.4 Too Much Money to pay 2 Players under a Salary Cap ??” so this will be ALL over MS & Blogs

    Maybe it is, BUT if it is right to ask if 17.4 is too much to pay for 2 players, How the HELL is it OK to Pay 3 Players 21.4 Mill

    Staal is the Contract that is Strangling this organization, & don’t worry all the Staal Puck Bunnies Out there He isn’t going anywhere, Ray Ray Loves him more than You

  5. Just read this thing…

    Wow man settle, let the dust settle on a pretty good season too. A team is not going to win the cup every year and if we had made the finals 3 years in a row I would have been shocked.

    Look at the guys that play played below their best (29, 71, 55(defensively all year)) and you can see this team wasn’t going to get back there.

    I think the 3 center system works, if we have a solid shut down d pairing and our 3 centermen playing at 90% you can’t afford to be carrying any of your stars playing below that or well, we get a 2nd round exit.

    My favorite player is MAF and was a yo-yo this year. After that 1st month where it looked like he had turned the corner in his career to elite, his season didn’t unravel but was so up and down he knows he has to be better at making those timely saves to either win games or keep the team in games far more often. It’s about wins not about GAA or save %, just ask Ryan Miller.

    I really think the the olympics had a negative affect on Fleury, once he made the roster was about when his play yo-yo’ed. Either trying too hard or complacent pre olympics, post olympics, trying too hard to prove he deserved his medal. He never once looked relaxed in net, even in his shut out in Montreal and near shutout, looked he looked shaky.

    Just my opinion, still love the guy, his attitude towards the game is awesome and is great in person.
    I felt sorry for him to have his first big downer of a game in elimination in the last game at the Igloo, that will sting him and the whole team, might be good motivation to start the new building off with a bang next year!

    Sorry, epic post

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