“Jordan continues to progress” – Bylsma

Per Dan Bylsma – Jordan Staal still progressing. Denies that there is a second break in his hand.

Dan Bylsma met with the media this morning following the Penguins’ practice as he normally does and was asked about the reports regarding Jordan Staal that have been circulating this morning… he was quick to dispute them…

Here is a blurb taken from the Penguins official site following his presser:

Bylsma was asked about a report by The Insider on Pittsburgh Sports, which said that Staal had another broken bone in his hand.

“If you’re referencing an internet report that said there was another break, then that is not true,” Bylsma said. “He’s continuing on the same course. He has the pin out. There is calcification and we have another scheduled x-ray. We hope to continue seeing the healing that is taken place. He’s on that rehab program.”

The Penguins have been pretty up front about Staal’s status to this point, so I am willing to take them at their word.

There is definitely a bit of gray area with the  injury, but it still seems as if he is on track with where they thought he should be.

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