Malkamania Running Wild: Thoughts and a Health Update

By Cy Clark

So I’m going to throw out some names… Dale Hunter, Kirk Muller, Bruce Boudreau and now it looks like for the replacement of interim coach John Stevens, Darryl Sutter.  Can anyone tell me why the name of Michel Therrien has not been called?  I mean Boudreau lasted less than one week, Daryl Sutter again.  He’ll end up being fired in two years.  Dale Hunter?  He’s really doing a bang up job.  And Muller is 1-7-2 in Carolina’s last 10. This is what baffles me. Therrien could coach any one of these teams, or is it the GM’s know these teams are already soff and they don’t need MT upsetting anyone.

Is anyone awaiting THE REMATCH of the Philly Flyers as much as I am?  It’s time we send Bryzgalov to the woods searching for his soul, Jagr wishing he stayed in the KHL and Talbot wishing he signed on the dotted line somewhere else.   I also wonder what the Philly faithful’s stance on concussions is now since Chris Pronger and Claude Giroux have them.  Kind of SUCKS, huh Philly, when your leading scorer and your top d-man are now out indefinitely.  And the rash of others getting concussions once again is alarming.  Look at the protective gear the players wear.  It’s no wonder why getting hit with elbows up into the boards.  Although this equipment is great for saving other injuries, its making the head shots worse.  More needs to be done and quickly,

So another 24/7 this year and from what I’ve seen from others it is going to be entertaining like last years.  Also, Bryzgalov seems to be very humorous, in other words, kind of like watching Geno last year. I’ll have to give it a shot, but I’ll have to get over seeing Chicka Chee’s face again. This may take some doing.

I would also like to take time out to give you a progress update in my overall health. As 2011 comes to a close what a “shocker” it’s been for me.  As far as the throat goes my Ear Nose and Throat specialist has given me passing grades.  Everything looks great and I’m still a little swollen, but this will go away in due time and again, no sign of a tumor.  As far as the eating goes, I’m up 20 lbs, eating a variety of foods but there are still some I cannot wait to start eating again.  This will also start to slowly resolve itself.   The kidney function seems to be improving quite well, in fact, better than my doctor anticipated.  I am able to drink myself silly with water, PowerAde and pop as of late.  But yes, as well as all of these good updates, we do have a negative to deal with and that is neuropathy if the hands and feet.  This is a side effect of the chemo they used on me.  Within the past 2 months this has steadily gotten worse.  On Monday I see a Neurologist and Tuesday I start Occupational and Physical Therapy.  It’s like tying your shoes, using a knife and fork, shaving and using the cell phone and such are getting really tough to do.  I’m hoping that we will see some improvements by doing the therapy.  And yes typing and using the computer is getting harder.  Twitter posts take minutes instead of seconds and writing this column takes quite a while. Sadly this has also had an effect on holding up the signs and jerseys at the games.

I will take the time now to wish all of you a Merry Christmas now, just in case I need to take some time off from writing this column.  Either you will see me here next Tuesday or Metz will update you on what is going on. Again, Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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