Saturday Morning Coffee With Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of Saturday Morning Coffee!

(Ed’s note: after a one week hiatus, SMC is back. I must take the blame for the hiatus, since I screwed the pooch and didn’t get Jim’s submitted piece up last week! – B Metz)

By Jim Butler

I picked a great year to have Mike Green in my hockey pool.

Seems my pick of Geno Malkin in a keeper pool isn’t panning out either but it will.

A new all-star event I’d like to see. Gerbe and Ennis vs. Chara in a 2 on 1 keep away for 30 seconds match. Little Beaver and Little Toyko vs. King Kong Bundy if you will.

Glad I have Kris Letang in my hockey pool.

Is it just me or were the Staals channeling their inner Kardasian during the All-star weekend.

Glen Falls sure has a few well paid marginal hockey players on the roster all of a sudden.

Went tubing this week with my 6 year old, what a blast and much better then work!

Carolina in the playoffs and Atlanta out, that’s how I see it.

Puffy, P-Diddy, Diddy or Sean, I have no clue.

I wish I had Jeff Skinner in my keeper pool.

I’m thrilled I don’t have Jeff Blake in any pool, even my swimming pool.

Biznasty finally went BOOM!

I just used my wife’s hand cream, vanilla bean! Now I’m starving.

Blues GM John Davidson sure speaks a good game but results sure don’t show it.

PK Subban how did you enjoy the Russian helicopter ride, they’ll be a few more in your career.

The Flyers line of Zherdev/Giroux/Carter is ripping it up, they are the G Unit!

I put the Flames down about a month ago, said they were done. They’re telling me to stuff it.

Why do some people slow down just before the light turns yellow and then speed up at the last second, makes me insane!

The Mule with a 5 goal kick, I don’t care how you do that or against whom that’s impressive.

Whatever happened to Stan Neckar?

Have a great weekend hooligans.


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  1. On the yellow-light question, clearly they think you are a narc and are trying to get away from you!

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