Sidney Crosby Named Top Athlete Under 25 By the Sporting News…

Sidney Crosby has stacked up quite a few accolades during his short NHL career and they continue to roll in. The latest is a nod as the top athlete under the age of 25 by the Sporting News.

“25 Under 25” appears in the June 21st edition of the magazine.

The Sporting News panel considered 100 accomplished young athletes from seven different sports before whittling it down to 50 and then 25, before choosing Crosby as the number 1 athlete under the age of 25.

The requirements? Athletes were judged on major stats; championships to which they’d made major contributions; buzz factor and age.

“Sometimes we take for granted what Sidney Crosby has accomplished without realizing just how young he still is,” said Sporting News chief of correspondents Bob Hille, who coordinated the package that was months in the making. “It’s amazing that he’s still only 22. Just as amazing, as the Lightning’s Vinny Lecavalier told us, is “he’s still improving as a player. If that’s possible.’ “

Crosby, who is 22 years old, was ranked no. 1, followed by Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic (24); Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder (21); Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans (24); and Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (24).