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Summer and things to come


It’s Summer and the Kovalchuk saga continues…..Honestly, I don’t even care anymore. Given that it is Lou Lamoriello, it could be another one of his “limit” pushing ideas.

Seriously though, it’s been a given for some time that Ray Shero will have to begin infusing the youth into the lineup. Salary Cap, availability of certain Free Agents, etc….

It’s summer and I stated on my blogger site, there too many other things to do and other things going on. I can’t comment on much that hasn’t been commented on enough to begin with.  I could discuss random rumors that I see all over my Twitter feed but I do not have any dealings with the rumor business other than POSSIBLY mention something that I may have heard. I hate to spread that stuff. Especially considering that I openly mock rumors. At the end of the day, those sites keep people talking about hockey and most of the free world doesn’t seem to care too much. Make note, even the hockey media folks take vacations at this time of year.

Yeah, so Brian and I have mentioned some things we’d like to pull off…

We’ll be having a discussion at the “Ceremony of the Cold Barley Soup” on 8/7/2010

Seriously, did you want to come here for regurgitated statistics that you’ve probably read 900 times by now?

Now go on…..go rock out…

BLS- Crazy Horse


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  1. Vinny

    July 30, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    Using an image of Darkness from “Legend” makes this post an 11/10.