Saturday Morning Coffee with Jim Butler

Jim Butler is back with another edition of his Saturday “Top O’ the Morning” Coffee…

By Jim Butler

Bettman back for 5 more seasons, I guess the owners love the man.

Everybody thought the Pens won the GoGo/Neal trade in a land slide; Jamie Benn says he won the trade. 6 goals in 6 games and counting.

Anze Kopitar looks like a zombie and plays like a man possessed.

Speaking of Bettman he never loses, I’d hold off the welcome back to Winnipeg parade for now.

Montreal police have asked people to STOP flooding them with calls to prosecute Zdeno Chara. If that hit was Rusty Klesla on David Legwand there wouldn’t be much said, it’s the Habs so all hell breaks loose.

I really thought the St. Louis Blues would be much better this season.

Who’s better for the Caps Neuvirth or Varlamov? Not sure but this Holtby kid sure looks good.

My friend John Saquella mentioned this great point the other night “Colin Campbell has a son on the Bruins, seems a conflict of interest doesn’t it.”

Speaking of the Bruins, Jack Edwards needs to stop the over the top bias.

Blake Wheeler seems to be making it work in Atlanta, perhaps a bit of a late bloomer.

It’s tough living up here in the Toronto area. Leafs fans have been making and cancelling parade plans every other day it seems.

Stephen Weiss with a 5:43 shift last week, that’s more ice time then many 4th liners get in a game.

The Lotto is $50 million. I want to be part owner of an NHL team!

Colorado will dread the day they traded Chris Stewart.

The Sedins prove to me ESP exists.

The Sedins also prove to me they make hockey helmets in size XXL, those are some big melons they have.

Speaking of the Sedins, whatever happened to Anson Carter?

The NJ Devils will NOT make the playoffs, but they’ll be hell to deal with next season.

Have a great weekend hooligans.


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  1. OneSmugPug

    Benn hasn’t changed systems, is playing on better lines…. but I see what you are getting at….it was no secret that Benn made Neal expendable… *phhhhhhhhhhhhtttttt*

  2. isaiah520

    still can’t believe DAL didn’t at least get another asset in the gogo deal.

  3. Holy crap. 5:43 on the ice. I’d have collapsed and expired around the 3 minute mark.

  4. Hey Pug, that wasn’t a rip on Neal or anybody in the deal more just a “Look what Benn fell in to” the lucky bugger

  5. OneSmugPug

    Oh I know…I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t making some smartass crack

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